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October 10th of 2015, was the day of many suprises and dreams. On that date i had the chamce to expiernce my very first concert of my life with the most beautiful boy group, Big Bang. At first i didnt had no ticlets to go the concert, due to sold out concert. Till on the date of thier first concert... at 6am my cousin from new york calls me. She began to yell through the phone that she got tickets for both nights. When she kept screaming it over and over ... it woke me up in seconds. I swear i jumped out of my bed like a monkey. I quickly grabbed my kids and got them a babysitter. (paid them exxxtra) Then i began to drive to new york to meet my cousin and then go to new jersey for the concert.
We began to get ready. And this is the outfit I choose for that night. We had plans to go out clubbing after the concert. So its why i dressed up ... welll fancy or too much i guess. lol As we began the drive to new jersey... many cars that were going to the concert had Big Bang songs on blast. Cars beeping and people screaming Big Bang. A cop even stopped one of them .. like buzzkillers!! xD
We arrive amd i say .... even though i got general seats. We didnt cared. The stadium wasnt big and it was small. So the view was beautiful. Even though i wished i could've been closer. We was 20 minutes early and all you see and hear is Big Bang's Mvs and music playing in the background. As everyone began to sing along and dance along to the music. I was just admiring the moment of my first concert. Then all of a sudden.... it begins. The place went dark and the theme song od MADE began to play. I swear i was legit smiling so big and i bet my eyes twiggled. Then the screens began to open... I legit stand and began to mesmerize the view. Then i saw the boys. . Man did i screamed. I screamed so loud that i thlught my lungs was gonna pop out. Then i saw him... yesss him!!!!! GD was just.... lord mercy ...... Beautiful. Hearing him sing personal and seeing him perform amd act silly was just the most admirable thing ever. Seungri also DJ for us.. Deasung with his big eyes and Nose (Sophia's nose xD). TOP was just sassy and beautiful. Taeyang and his vocals.... Dammnnn he legot let his vocals out. Its was just beautiful. The concert was beautiful. But then the finale. People thought they was done but nope..Big Bang came out again. And they became a total jerks. Soon as everyone was leaving... I began to walk down towards the stage to take a closer picture. Then i heard the security saying. "VIP only. Big Bang will be coming out shortly" My heart was like ohhh helll nah.. I want this. So i grab my cousin. And we went to sneak in.. I walked with the crowd and negan to kindly push people ahead. As the security was about to check on me.. another security callef him and he missed me. My cousin and I began to walk outside towards the railing and we see two balck cars. I then noticed we was in front of the railimg.. like the railing was touching my waist. The joyyyyyyy!!!
Then the boys began to come out one by one.... Deasung came out and i swear this man has the most beautiful face and his smile... god is just innocent. and its true ... his nose is big xD .. As he gotten closer. I reached my hand out and began to call his name. Then he smiles at me and we quickly high five. Yo... his hands are soft lile a babys butt. xD
TOP... This man is definitely handsome. His jaw line is just beyond beautiful. He came out smiling and saying thank you over and over again. Lile always... a cup of wine in his hands. But he didnt shake no ones hands.. But those hearts was beautiful.
Seungri came out and yes that man is a big mouth. xD. He came out yelling "Sup my ladies. Sup New jersey. Are you having fun tonight" This boy is definitely a ladies man.. Many fans was giving him little pandas. And he was just collectimg them. Too sweet. His smile is just cute. But Seungri is veryyyy beautiful and cute looking. Then as he approaches i began to yell his name... amd yess. i got a high five from him.. again.. soft ass hands!!!!
Taeyang. Taeyang. That man is my wrecker for some reason. He is beautiful and lord jesus... seeing him personal amd close.. was just great. He is very gorgeous. And his english is on point. He was taking many pictures with his fans and all. A very generous man. Then i again began to scream for his name. and he grabs my hand and holds it firmly and shakes it and he said "Thank you for coming VIP" That naughty man.
Then My Lovely Husband came out. I swear when this man came out... Everyone... i mean EVERYONE began to yell for his name. Asking for pictures and trying to give him gifts. My heart was pounding .. my hamds was shaking. I couldnt think or talk. Like im about to see my hero... The man who pulled me out of death and gave me a life to keep going. He began to get closer. . and closer. and as he gets closer... god... my heart is dying. This man is perfect. He is gorgoues,Cute, beautiful and handsome. Then i just had to shake his hand.. i had to touch this man.. I just want him ok... xD i began to scream for his name. And then the most unexpected thing happened. GD stopped in front of me and he looks at me.. i swear i just look at him and smileeee ear to ear like a damn retard. Then he puts his mask doen and all i saw is that most beautiful smile of his. Then he began to speak in english... i swear too cute. This is our convo. "Is that your real natural hair." GD said. "Ye..yes" I said. "Its very beautiful. May I?" GD said and asking to touch my curls. I nod yes and he began to get close to me... Like close enough for me to just snatch him amd kiss him. But i couldnt move. (damn dreams xD) Then he touched my curls. He also smiled. Then he said. "They are so beautiful. I love them." "Thank You GD!" Of course ... me trying so hard not to fangirl and yell at him... To take me with him... that sad moment... amyways.... Then GD looks at me again amd the most best thing happened which i can never forget. This man opens his arms for me to hug him... And lord did my inner fangirl screameddddddd on top of her lungs. I quickly open my arms and hugged this man. My heart was racing... and yo he smells good.. lile he FREAKING SMELLS GOOD!!!! He is soo warm and my emotions was just in the peak.. but i hold it in.. This man saved me and this man helped me with his music to be where i am now. Then the most beautiful thing happened. He whispers into my ears: " Your also beautiful " My heart melted and my legs got jelly. Then he let me go and he looks at me for the last time and he said. "Imma do somethimg for you. Imma just walk straigjt to my car and not touch no one else till tomorrow. ok. Thank you for coming swetheart!" my eyes got so watery.. like how can this man killed me with just beautiful wprds in the most sweetest way... my heart just died in that moment. Then he legit did what he said he would do. He put his mask on amd then he waved at everyone and gets in the car. Then he scrolls his window down amd he waves at me and throw a finger heart. As he left i began to exit out.. and i can see and hear the other firls muttering and looking at me funny... like hate me hahahabbabab.. i got loved by my husband. xD
As i began to drive back to my cousins house... i was just in heaven.. We did wemt out after that.. and lets just say.. I was feelimg great. I felt so complete... but just not yet.. I wish to tell him of what he means to me.. what he has done to me. But one day... One day i will get the opportunity. . and the opportunity to be able to take pics with them and especially GD.. My phone died in the moemnt i meet the boys .... so its why i dont have a picture if them.. but iys all in my heart and soul. Ot still feels like if it was yesterday.
Well this is my story of GD and me. How much this man means alot to me. He is my husband and he is just perfect. That moment was the best time of my life. I am glad to FINALLY share it with you guys and im glad to be able to have tbis expiernce. Hope you enjoyed my story.
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and I was at that concert too!!!
a year ago·Reply
@BBxGD you are the total opposite of me. I've told friend if we are ever wondering around in the town a concert is at and I start heading in the opposite direction I was previously going in in VERY fast manner , you might want to look in the direction I was going before. I would straight up bail! Nope wouldn't even want to be in the same room as my UB.
a year ago·Reply
I'm crying right now ... I'm soooo happy for you!!
a year ago·Reply
I don't know how I missed this card. But this had me fan girling too.. GD is amazing.. I cant believe he said all that too you.. I'm so jealous lol.. The man wrecks my life.. Lucky girl... Lucky girl.. I woulda had to stop TOP AND ATLEAST GET A UPCLOSE PICTURE TO CHERISH FOREVER..
a year ago·Reply
Oh my gosh!!!! I'm legit fangirling and containing my screams right now!!! This is the cutest thing ever!!!!!!! This is legit every fangirls' dream come true!!!! You are so lucky unnie!!!!!! I'm so jealous!! But you definetly deserved this!!!! Is it wrong to say that I ship you two so much? This is sooooo adorable!!!!! Ahhhh you are such a lucky girl BB!!!! I cannot stop smiling right now!! 😆😆😆😆
a year ago·Reply