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Photographer Roberto Bertero Image taken on September 20th 2011. "The waterfall portrayed in this photo is located on the plateau Nivolet (2.612 m), in the Gran Paradiso National Park, and remains exactly aligned with the Punta Basei. Therefore, when the Milky Way falls on the glacier Basei it's usually also well aligned with the top of this waterfall. Shoot taken after climbing half waterfall in the dark, for a correct perspective... it goes without saying, but obviously the mere part of taking the shot was indeed the easiest part of the job :-) The title has a specific meaning... I am deply fascinated by the sense of continuum between space and earth. I've spent years wandering at night through the mountains and I've seen many times scenes like this one. The sense of wonder is always infinite, you just feel as beeing in touch with a great organic whole. As usual in night/astro photographic technique, this photo is obtained by combining two exposures: a long one at low ISO for the landscape, in order to preserve details and best high definition print quality, plus a second one of about thirty seconds at high ISO for the cosmos, any longer exposure would have resulted in beginning star trails. (Obviously it's all manual focusing, tripod, mirror lock up, remote shutter release)."