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Keira Knightley is no stranger to Vogue. She debuted in the magazine in 2003, and after landing her first coveted cover (the December 2005 issue), she has since held that honor an impressive four more times. For her many appearances, she has been the ultimate fashion chameleon, channeling Dorothy in a Wizard of Oz–inspired story shot by Annie Leibovitz, showing off her best safari looks while embarking on an African adventure, and exploring Berlin’s art scene for her first September issue cover in 2008.
gorgeous Keira Knightley! Is she gonna be Dorothy for a movie? :)
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@blairwitme ... it's just a vogue photo shoot ... I did not really like the wizard of OZ ... although she would be a fantastic Dororthy :)
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@divalycious she would be fabulous as Dorothy! :)
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