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Lee Minho (이민호) supports Eum Moon-suk & Seo Young-mo "Go, 'Dancing 9’ live broadcast!” [TV Report=Kim Min-ji] Actor Lee Min-ho showed support for Eum Moon-suk and Seo Young-mo from the group Monsterz. In the morning of August 30, Lee Min-ho uploaded a picture on his Twitter account with a comment, "The Monsterz members, who were with me throughout the 'My Everything' tour, made it to the live-broadcast round on 'Dancing 9'. Go, Eum Moon-suk and Seo Young-mo! Monterz Bounce!" Lee Min-ho supported the Monsterz members Eum Moon-suk and Seo Young-mo who are competing on Mnet 'Dancing 9'. They were with Lee Min-ho for his China concert in 2011 and his 2013 global tour ‘My Everything’. Fans responded with comments such as "Lee Min-ho is handsome" "Marvelous" "Eum Moon-suk and Seo Young-mo were a team" "Eum Moon-suk and Seo Young-mo were Monsterz" "Go, Lee Min-ho, Eum Moon-suk, and Seo Young-mo.” Lee Min-ho is busy filming the SBS new drama series 'The Heirs-The One Who Wants To Wear The Crown, Bear The Crown' to premier on October 9. Eum Moon-suk and Seo Young-mo are to appear on the live broadcast of ‘Dancing 9' on August 31. Photograph=Lee Min-ho’s Twitter account By Kim Min-ji minji06@tvreport.co.kr Credit star.naver/leeminho https://www.facebook.com/leeminhoglobalminoz?fref=ts