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He stepped into the crowded auditorium, ignoring the door greeter who wore a fantastic mummy costume and moaned liked he was dying. As Yibo approached the refreshments table he skimmed the party guests, scowling as he spotted an ex of his who was now in the Korean music industry. He hoped she came with someone and left him the hell alone. She had yet to notice him as he absent-mindedly started walking, wondering how Yixuan had convinced him to come. Oh wait, he hadnt been convinced, more like coerced; or blackmailed was more the term even though he knew Yixuan did it without malice notions. Yixuan wanted him to come for gods know why but had been so insistent upon it that it piqued his interest. The pictures would be given to him after the party. Sure as an idol he had done more than his share of embarrassing fanservice but he did NOT want the pictures Yixuan had gotten ahold of to be shared... In fact if they were to be destroyed he would feel much better... There were no digital copies only the old Polaroids from his youth... Yibo glared at said blackmailer dressed as a wizard who just looked back at him with a mega watt smile on his face from across the room... He allowed the ridiculous thought that Yixuan's outfit wasnt a costume to flounder across his brain... Being a damn wizard could explain how Yixuan had even come to possession of those horrid pictures... Much less how he had gotten Yibo in this even more ridiculous vampire costume... Sipping his punch idly as he stopped wondering the floor he didnt notice where he had stopped until a clear loud feminine voice broke his thoughts. "Are you going to bob or what?" the owner of the voice was a woman also in a vampire costume. She looked at him expectantly with clear blue eyes that shone like the sea with something he couldnt place... Her soft black hair fell in untamed waves across her shoulders. "Well? Are you bobbing?" She asked then continued in a curt tone, "Cuz if not please step out of line so the others can play." Yibo glanced to where her hands were pointing and saw what looked like a large barrel cut in half filled with water and apples. He swallowed nervously and stepped aside for the person behind him. He watched as the attendant greeted the next person with a smile and blindfolded the guy. She saw him watching her and raised her eyebrows. "Yes? Can I help you? Are you looking for a particular booth?" she asked in a calm and decisive voice. Her voice truly carried, and he was impressed as he could tell she really wasnt trying to be loud. "Uh no, just wandering around and trying to stay out of an ex's sight. Mind if I stay here a bit and watch the bobbing?" Yibo replied as he check the location of his ex quickly, just to make sure she wasnt near. Sighing as he saw her still clear on the other side of the auditorium he looked back at the black haired vampire bobbing attendant. She had apparently followed his line of sight and was just now looking back at him. "Your ex is Lia? Man do I feel bad for you. Sure you can stay. I wont even make you bob once. You have more than enough apple anyways." she dryly chuckled as she helped the next player. "You know Lia? What is your name? Mine is Yibo btw" Yibo asked incredulously but introduced himself in case she didnt know who he was. "Oh I know her and I know who you are. Lia, she may be beautiful on the outside but her inside is like a rotten apple. My name is Veriah. Lia was my foster sister in the States at one time. Rotten to the core that one is. A bad apple. Yours looks good though, very delicious looking if I do say so myself. Go ahead and use my seat, I like standing." Veriah replied as she pointed to a chair that sat out of view from where Lia was standing. With that Veriah turned to help the next player. Taking a seat quickly Yibo was more than a bit confused now. Veriah had referenced an apple he had in his possession twice now but he had no... His eyes widened as he realized she was talking about his adamsapple. His looked... "Delicious" did she say? He did have a nice large one though that was the first he had ever heard of it looking delicious. For the next half hour he watched Veriah full and thrumming of energy help more than a dozen people even giving them pointers. He left once to get himself a drink refill and he grabbed one for Veriah who graciously took it and gave him a kiss on the cheek. Then there was a staff change and Veriah went off to get them refills. She came back pulling another chair up next to Yibo while she handed him his drink. "Thought I would give you a heads up but Lia apparently saw you enter and has been watching you for the last 45 minutes. She didnt talk to me at the refreshments table. But she talked loud enough that I know it was so I could hear her. She implied you and she would be an item again. Saying how the wench you are with now wouldnt be with you for long once you saw her again. I think she thinks we are dating or something." Veriah growled as she gulped down her drink. "Pretend we are then. Please?" Yibo asked panic evident in his voice. "Haha, wow, you really dont like her do you?" Veriah laughed. "She cheated and besides, you know how she is like. She played me, had me thinking she was all innocent but she used me to get into the industry. Please be my girlfriend. Just for the night?" Yibo said in a low yet earnest voice, his eyes had located Lia who was laughing mirthfully a few booths down. He returned his eyes to the black haired energizer bunny next to him. "Alright, I'll bite. But I might not want to give you up after only a night. And rules are your gorgeous hands dont go below my waist or touch my chest. Kissing, french or just lips is fine but only if I get to bob for an apple later. Deal?" Veriah said in a flat and surprisingly quiet voice. Glancing around he saw that Lia was only a booth away. "Deal, can we seal it with a kiss? You know to start our act?" Yibo asked. Upon the nod of the black hair he pulled her onto his lap and captured her lips. She gasped as he realized she hadnt expected this bold of a kiss. However the moment his lips touched hers he felt a zing he hadnt felt before. Was that what people called "the spark"? His thoughts hazed as he fell deeper into the kiss as it also deepened. He was french kissing in a corner and he didnt care. He felt great. He vaguely felt her hands on his chest. "You guys are playing tonsil hockey in public? For an idol that isnt a safe thing to do." a sweet voice that he swore was laced with venom broke the two from their lip lock. They stayed in each others arms, Veriah still on his lap. The blonde haired and brown eyed owner of the voice glared at them with scorn evident on her face. "Take a picture it might last longer Cecilia Marie Fieldspar." Veriah replied in a sweet but heavily venomed tone. Lia did a double take as she heard her full name that hadnt been disclosed to the public. "Ce-ce-cilia Marie Fieldspar?! How do you know that name?" Lia sputtered looking around to see if anyone had heard the name. Her face full of panic flushed with relief as she saw no one was close enough to hear the conversation. Her dull brown eyes turned back to the couple and she studied Veriah's face. She obviously didnt recognize Veriah as the same stupid confused look stayed on her face. "Well now, back when you were a nobody with mediocre talent in foster care, there was a certain overweight younger girl you used to torment. Nice to see you again Cece. It has been awhile. My name is Veriah Lynn Klein. Remember the name if not the face?" Veriah said in a snide voice. Lia's face drained as the name did what the face did not. Recognition flooded her face. "Riah, look about the past, please dont tell anyone about the.." Lia started but Veriah cut her off with her hand. "Oh hush, you have no right to ask anything of me. However, if you turn around and never contact or try to contact my boyfriend here; Wong Yibo, ever again I will consider keeping my mouth shut to the press. Leave us, you are souring our mood." Veriah said saucily as she flicked her hand in a shooing manner. "Alright, alright he is yours. I will be going. Please. Just..." Lia stopped as she saw the stony look Veriah was giving her and she turned tail and fled. Yibo felt admiration for the woman on his lap. "That was amazing, the way you dealt with her. What did she do that made her act like you have her in the palm of your hand?" Yibo asked Veriah as he stared into her blue eyes. "Back when we were in foster care, she ran off for awhile. The police finally found her, selling her body on the corner in a few towns over. She had also been drinking and there were so many drugs found in her system. She had to be in rehab for 2 years. I am sure that information would break her pretty little idolship wouldnt it?" Veriah said as though the words themselves were disgusting tasting. Yibo was astounded. He was glad they had never had sex. "To be honest though, it was because of her little trip that got me into working off all my weight and eating healthier. So I kind of owe her. I also wouldnt have landed the amazing job I have." Veriah revealed. "What is your job?" Yibo asked her. "I dont really have a title but I guess you could say I am here to teach English to idols here in South Korea, Japan and China. I am working with BTS right now, then it is VIXX, after them is your group I believe then I am working with a Japanese group called Hey!Say!Jump! and their brother group Kis-My-FT2. I met with your Leaders Yixuan and Sungjoo earlier today in fact. Yixuan seemed insistent that I attend this party so I told Bang PD I would work a booth." her words immediately made everything Yixuan had said earlier crystal clear as to what his motives had been. "Remind me to thank Yixuan later. Were you serious about what you said earlier?" Yibo asked. "I said a lot of things earlier, remind me as to what you are referring to." her reply came, quickly and honestly. "About not wanting to give me up after only one night." Yibo replied sheepishly. "Is this you asking me to be your girlfriend indefinitely?" Veriah eyed him coyishly. "Eh, well when we kissed earlier, I dont know if you felt it but I felt a zap. I would like to explore what else you could make me feel. Happiness maybe. True happiness. Its ok if you.." Yibo answered rubbing the back of his neck nervously but was cut off as Veriah pulled him down into another zapped filled kiss. Coming up for air a bit later he grinned and asked, "I take that as a yes?" The black haired beauty threw her head back and the most adorable laugh erupted from her. She looked at him and gave him a single nod. "Can I bob for an apple myself now?" she asked him. "Sure I dont care." Yibo replied thinking she was talking about the booth. Her lips pressed against his adamsapple and he felt a wonderful sensation as her tongue began to caress it. It was surprisingly delightful. When she was satisfied she buried her face into his chest. "I know it is a weird fetish. You really have the sexiest apple ever" he heard her despite her voice being muffled by his chest. "Well to be honest... That felt amazing. You can bob for my apple anytime you want" Yibo assured her. He felt her hands tighten on his arms as she gave out a gleeful noise. Yes, he would most definitely need to thank Yixuan. And get those infernal pictures back.
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omg that's pretty creative. bobbing for his apple hahaha ๐Ÿ˜ถ๐Ÿ˜ถ๐Ÿ˜ถ๐Ÿ˜ I wrinkled up my nose and said "Oh my God so greasyyyy" a couple times! great writing!
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