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Flower boy next door - Enrique the mapiosi
I just had time to watch a little bit of Flower boy next door again and i felt like i had to share this scene of Enrique as an ''member of the mapia'' with you guys. (it's hilarious how they can't spell an "F" haha) hope you like it too ^^ and they are sooo handsome wearing suits *.* eyecandyyyy :D
omg enrique shi yooni oppa i missz u i am watching him in barefoot friends i love u oppa u r SHOO DAMN CUTE AND INNOCENT SMTMS I FEEL AWKWARD CALLING U OPPA BUT U R MY OPPA CUTST OPPA EVER LOVE U OPPA :) <3
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hahahahaaaa i remember that - sooo funny lmao
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