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i d k i can't dcde i won't dcde one (minhee) is my baby the other(khi)oppa) is my oppa my namja they both look soo handsome u guys dcde lols :) <3
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min hyuk is cute tooo bt here al go with hyn joong but i love min hyuk alot
4 years ago·Reply
@dramalover lols its a really hard decision 2 make naa ;-)♥
4 years ago·Reply
yeah this is a really tough one @saharjalpari9 but both of them are fine men
4 years ago·Reply
@dramalover u r right both r quite charming but i wd say in dis shirt my oppa looks really cute :-*and my baby minhee looks really manly here:-* but both of them look extremely dashing :-*:-*♥♥love them both 2 death ♥
4 years ago·Reply
@saharjalpari9 u r ryt unni..we love them to death..i think al be this crazy about them for a long time. maybe until i get married hahaha which is likely to be in late 2015
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