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From London to Korea Pt 10

Hey guys! Literally took a test and wrote part 10 while waiting for everyone to finish. Should be doing homework..... But none of it's due till Monday, so whatevs. Hope you guys enjoy this part!


I had spent the rest of the day trying to relax and calm down, trying to get over what I had decided to do. But I have never been one to get over things easily, especially when I know it’s wrong. Krista could tell I wasn’t 100% there, since my technique was incredibly slouched and my eyes looked glazed over.
“Carrie? Are you in there?”
“Huh? Oh, yeah. Just not as focused I guess.”
“Don’t let the big guy get to you. He’s invested so much in you and doesn’t want to see you fail.”
“What do you mean?”
“When Jung Nam saw you alone with Marlene, after he spread the bad word about her, he was concerned about your safety. Your guard told him everything, and Jung Nam told the panel who judged everyone about who Marlene is. He only wants what’s best for you, and for you to become successful. For that to happen, you need to avoid Marlene and haters like her until you are in a group and have members to support you. Plus, we’ve seen foreign trainees have higher risks of everything, mainly depression and homesickness. So be careful? Please?”
Krista’s words struck a chord with me, because I had sent in my tape a week after my doctor took me off my anti-depressants. A few days after that, I learned they had been giving me sugar capsules for a few months, and I was only taken off because my scans looked normal. I had forgotten all the risks that came with being foreign, and now I was scared it may come back. I wanted to wait to submit the tape, as a treat to myself for when I became drug-free. Now I’m terrified it might come back again. Then what? TS would kick me to the curb. But I know what caused it, and now I just need to avoid it like the plague.
I guess I had been stuck in a silent trance, because Krista called my name again and sounded desperate. “Carrie? Are you sure you’re ok? You seem far from it.”
Well Carrie, time to fake that smile again. “Yeah, I’m fine. Everything’s just hitting me now.”
“Are you sure?”
“Ok then. Maybe you should go back to your room, get all packed for your flight tomorrow. I was told it was an early one.”
“Alright. I guess it is a good time to stop and head back. Thank you Krista!”
“No problem dear. Just make sure you have your Skype ready so we can start working you while you’re still in the states.”
“Will do!”
As I’m walking out the door, everything packed up and in my bag, I hear Krista shout out, “take care of yourself! I’ve been there!” My mind started to swirl, trying to think of what she’s trying to relate to.
I walk out of TS, shaking my head and eager to get home to mom.
I make it back to my room, only to find Jung Nam sitting on a chair and reading my math textbook for some reason.
“Is this a mascara spot?” He’s pointing to a black mark that looks like an oval, and I shake my head.
“No, it’s pen. It’s a school-owned book, and it’s been used by so many people. We’re set to get new books next year with our grant money. The book’s in really good condition, considering it’s about 10 years old.”
“The American school system confuses and concerns me. Just shove 25+ students in one room, hold them all to the same standard, and expect them all to behave the same. It’s not possible. But onto the reason why I’m here.”
“I’ve been wondering why you’re here. I thought you had work to do.”
“Yes, but they can wait. Marlene has been caught on video acting suspiciously, and so I will be staying here for the night.” I tensed up. “But if it makes you more comfortable, I can try to get Krista over here. She never leaves TS, it would be a good change for her.”
“Er, sure? I really don’t mean to offend you at all, you have done so many amazing things, but I don’t feel so comfortable yet.”
“Perfectly fair. Now, you go get yourself ready for tomorrow’s flight, and I will get Krista.”
Jung Nam got up and left, all while making me feel weird about something. His attitude towards me has changed, but I should’ve seen it coming. I had to be treated like the other trainees now, meaning I couldn’t be babied like I was before.
In no time, I looked over to the door, and saw Krista walking in.
“Big wig didn’t want you to be alone?”
“Well, this’ll be a nice change. I practically live in that building. But never mind that. You should head to bed. I’ll be over here.” She pointed to the pullout couch.
“Are you sure? You can sleep on my bed and I can take the other one.”
“I insist. You’ve gotta get used to hotel beds.”
“Ok then. I’ll hit the hay as soon as I finish packing my clothes. They always explode
“Ok Carrie. Don’t take too long. Hopefully you won’t be jet-lagged at school.”
“Yeah, that would suck.”
“So what are your plans now that you’re a trainee? How are you going to handle school?”
“Eh, I might talk to my teachers if I start having difficulties with school work, but otherwise I plan to not tell anyone. I have no friends back home, so it won’t be hard.”
“Oh, how come?” The sadness in her voice was extremely prominent.
“We all drifted apart after sophomore year. I was on the fast track, and can graduate early, which made them become green with envy. And we all started doing different things, which also doesn’t help. Then someone starts talking crap about me behind my back, and they have a ton of influence so you can see where that went. Since then, I stopped caring.”
“Honey, I’m sorry.” Krista moves in for a hug, but I shake it off.
“I’ve moved on. They didn’t want me as a friend, so it’s their loss.”
“Exactly Carrie.” Pause for Krista to yawn. “You can and will do so much better than them. Your group will become your second family, and you won’t even remember them.”
“True. I’m just worried they’ll find out and try to become all buddy-buddy again. All some of them want is fame and it sucks because that may be the only reason they begin talking to me again. What do you think?”
I turn around, expecting her to still be awake, but Krista has passed out on the couch. I should’ve known. I do it to mom all the time. But hey, she needs the sleep. So I finish packing and get to bed, ready to go home.
Hope y'all liked it!
Love you guys! ~Elayne
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