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his role in WHO ARE YOU is just so heart breaking.. my heart hurts when he died just like that.. he just proposed to his gf and the next moment he was shot and died.. this drama is really good.. and he's so handsome!!
@callie.. oh i thought you were talking about jae wok's character..lol.. yeah .. her character name is yang shi-on.. jae wok's is lee hyung joon.. and taec's is cha gun woo.. joo won's character's name in good dr. is park shi ohn.. ^^
No I was right her name is also Si Ohn...not Park Si On...her name is Yang Si Ohn....they have the same first name, except an H but we both were right, lolz
lol.. no prob.. hehehr
Oh my bad....Hahahahahahaha!!!!!
yup.. the story line is just great... lol.. you mixed up the names callie.. park si ohn is from good dr.. i forgot kim jae wok's name here.. see.. i'm like this and i too sometimes get the characters mixed up once in a while..^^
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