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In Goddess of Fire Jung Yi, episode 18, Yoo Jung(played by Moon Geun Young) started to see Gwang Hae(played by Lee Sang Yoon) dimly. Jung has lost her sight after the accident. Gwang Hae watched her wit eyes of pity, when Jung said, “I don’t see anything else but you watching me with worries.” Then she asked, “Are you wearing something blue?” Gwang Hae was surprised and asked, “Do you see me? Jung, can you see me now?” Jung could not see him anymore and answered, “Never mind. I think I’m wrong.”
I know, that part was sooo intense!! I was like whoa she could see...yep...then damn!!
@callie..yup.. and i hope that she could see soon. there's a lot of hope if her eyes could see colors even for just a moment. but i'm wondering what will be the outcome of the relationship of the prince and her in the end...hmmm