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we where wondering what the ending of badguy at that time.. and we knew that there is a possibility of getting disappointed.. and we were right! :)
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@nylamrehs yea me too..he was in so deep I was like its the last ep. and shit is syill goin down lol
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if not for the ending.. it would have been a great drama.. there should have been an alternative for badguy.. lol wishful thinking..
4 years ago·Reply
Girls shark is amaizing dorama, he's look really good in this one.
4 years ago·Reply
@tyta.. yeah, it is and he does look good here.. 1st drama since he got out of the military.. a story of revenge again.. a good drama but has a bad ending once again... how i wish he do a drama that he has the girl and they are happy in the end... :(
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