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{MAG} Sexy Saturday😍😍😍

What's Up Guys!! It's your Resident Harem King Here and Creator of The Fan Fiction: The Bionic Magic King And HAREM MADNESS!! This is SEXY SATURDAY and the First Day Of the MEGA ANIME GIVEAWAY!!! LET'S GET STARTED!!!! Let me Introduce Introduce a Few my Waifus from a few of my favorite Shows and who are apart of My Fan Fic!!
Chitoge Kirisaki from Nisekoi!! This Girl is One of the most Amazing Women in Anime!! I love her Tsundere personality and she's definitely quite a catch according to My OC Zakku and his Daughter Enju!! She's the one girl that Zakku is scared of when she gets upset!!
Here we Have Levi Kazama, The Ninja Shaman of the Invidia (Envy) Archive from Trinity Seven!! She's the type of Girl that would literally tease the living hell out of you! She's also one of the strongest if not the strongest Mage out of all the Trinity Seven!! She enjoys teasing the hell out of Zakku and in further Chapters she'll definitely be appearing alot in my Fan Fic Soon!!
Lieselotte Sherlock the Trinity Seven of the Acedia (Sloth) Archive!! This Woman, Just like Levi, Liese is an absolute tease and not to mention she's always prancing around in really Cute outfits to get Zakku's attention and shes usually very successful at getting his attention! She Loves Zakku with all her heart and is willing to give her life for him or his Children, but Zakku always swooping in to save her when she's looking into the eyes of Death.
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Really? No Medaka?
Not yet Bro lol Maybe Next week
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