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Donghae Twitter/Instagram update
we're now ^^ Cheongdam Grill5Taco ^^Good Night !! Today, thank you ELF ^^ (1 hour ago) Thanks noona !! :) as expected !! Sso-hee !! RT @soy_alice: euah Cheongdamdong Grill5Taco is really delicious!! Donghae-ya(,) are you watching! @donghae861015 (2 hours ago) with my bro ^^ at Grill 5 Taco (7 hours ago) RT @tim_hwang: Supporting Donghae and his new restaurant , Grill 5 taco, in Apku Jong. Congrats bro~~^^ proud of you (7 hours ago) 'Grill5Taco' (is) located at Cheongdamdong street 88-10 I love Taco# everybody enjoy Taco (9 hours ago)