I just learned that when you get divorced, you can choose or invent a new surname. Which is fantastic, since I wish to neither keep my married name, nor revert to my previous name! I'd like some ideas for a new surname. I like science fiction, anime, science, music, comic books, gaming...basically a bit of everything. I've considered a few already, but none really click for me. (My first name is Rebecca, Revy for short.) I am so open to ideas right now!
Sorry for your loss of love. even though it might be for the best... You still wake up every morning alone from your nightly rest. ^^^^ INFETE... that is a human response to a fellow human experiencing loss
@StonesFire Meaning?
begin your new life in a Newland or Revy Newlander sounds like a gamer name
It does! I like that one! Revy Newlander 😏
That...is so BS.
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Then what is it, if not an agreement? "Marriage is a contractual agreement for a partnership. Our partnership is over, but our relationship remains." You said that in the previous comment. I didn't. Read before you assume I'm here to make an argument. And I'm not here to argue. You and I are just making our points. Again, you assume that I'm taking from what you say only what I want, but that's untrue. Still, say what you want. Making assumptions is human nature. Let me just conclude this so-called argument in few words. Leaving someone is ending the relationship. That's how life gets ruined. Once you're with someone, it can't be better alone. Ever. Marriage and divorce are just labels. The underlying actions matter. Leaving...is betrayal. People like you scare me from establishing contact with others, since they're all the same...traitors. Good day, madam. Hopefully life forces both of you to be together again and endure hardships together, especially without choice, so you know what a real relationship is - unconditional and unending.