I just learned that when you get divorced, you can choose or invent a new surname. Which is fantastic, since I wish to neither keep my married name, nor revert to my previous name! I'd like some ideas for a new surname. I like science fiction, anime, science, music, comic books, gaming...basically a bit of everything. I've considered a few already, but none really click for me. (My first name is Rebecca, Revy for short.) I am so open to ideas right now!
Sorry for your loss of love. even though it might be for the best... You still wake up every morning alone from your nightly rest. ^^^^ INFETE... that is a human response to a fellow human experiencing loss
@StonesFire Meaning?
begin your new life in a Newland or Revy Newlander sounds like a gamer name
It does! I like that one! Revy Newlander 😏
That...is so BS.
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Contractual agreement? Damn...that explains a lot. Sounds so...corporate. Lady...I'd ask you to tell your words to yourself. Don't assume. Yes, I haven't had any relationship with anyone apart from the 5 people I mentioned before, but I'm not blind to what love is. I know exactly what love is, and you know what? The people who don't get something are exactly the people who understand the significance of it. I never had love...so I know what love is. It's not real or fake...it's just love or the lack, thereof. Love is about accepting a person as they are. Growth, strength and change are relative. Change happens every moment, it doesn't need encouragement to happen. Encouraging one to be strong and grow is like asking a person to keep growing till their head hits the tip of the Mount Everest. Like...seriously? Instead of encouraging them to be themselves, it's about growth and strength? Sure, when they ask for it. But all the time? Nope. Weakness and lack of growth are equally important. As I said before - balance. As much as one needs to grow, they also need to NOT grow. As much as one needs strength, they need to be vulnerable. Balance needs preservation. I know the beauty of lasting and evolving relationships, that's exactly why I'm against leaving. Being a better person with someone else? There is no better or worse. The person is just a person. Everyone looks for the better and rejects the worse...but they don't realize that the better and worse are 2 sides of the same coin. Yes, that is giving up. Leaving is giving up. Again, I'd ask you to stop assuming, like you've asked me to. "And I am ever so sorry that you cannot conceive of that." You do understand English, so I'm sure you understand the sentence I said more than once - "I know what I'm talking about." I may be a clumsy, fucked up person, but I'm completely aware as to what I'm saying. It will never be what it was, never return to its old form, because your choices ruined the old form. Any new meaning is merely relegated to the word 'divorced'. Yes, people maintain cordial relations with their ex-spouses, but that's it. Mere acquaintance. From intimate partners to complete strangers...all in the blink of an eye. If that's not ending, then I'm not sure what is, but new relationships can't form with the same person in a reverse order. You can go from being complete strangers to acquaintances, to friends, to lovers. The reverse is the ending at the very first step. Sure, your clarification, t...