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{MAG} Sad Sunday! :'(

There will be spoilers in this card!!!! So be warned upon entery!! Today is Sad Sunday, and I'm going to tell you a little bit about some of my favorite sad anime that had me in the feels from the get go!
1st up is Anohana, A story of 6 childhood friends, one who tragically loses her life as a child and the rest filled with regret as they grow older. These 5 friends grow distant as they get older only to be brought back together by the ghost of their dear friend. It's an up and down ride on the feels train to put her to rest and help everyone else move on and become friends once more! A great story of love, jeolousy, regret and friendship you will love, smile and cry for!
Orange! This anime had the water works going from the very beginning! 10 years after a close friends death you come to realize that it was actually a suicide and one you may have possibly prevented! These 5 friends decided to attempt to send a letter to their past selves in order to save their friend. Change the past to change the future in order to save a friend, this story will leave you feeling broken and battered but yet happy and cheerful, an unlikely combo I know but fantastic story!
Clannad, I am almost finished with this series but not quiet. However this show has had me on the feels train from start to near finish! As much as I cried for Nagisa when she pasted away during childbirth, I have to say the whole Fuko arc made me cry nearly every episode! As hard as she struggled for her sisters wedding and to have the school go to it only to be forgotten by every student and even her closest friends! I know it all worked out in the end but yet it still hurts me to see her forgotten like that! I can't wait to finish this anime cause I know there are so much more feels waiting for me at the end!
Last but not least Plastic Memories! With only 12 episodes this anime eched it's way into my heart with every episode! No anime has ever made me cry on nearly every episode it has, except for this one! In a world where humans live along side androids and Artificial humans known as Giftias who are only able to live for around 10 years despite any apperances. We follow a team of humans and Giftias whose job is to retrieve near death Giftias and erase their memories then taken to storage to await their next life so to say. In the midst of this heartwrenching job we see a wonderful love bloom between two co-workers, a human and a Giftia. Only to have our hearts broken at the end when we see their final goodbye!
I sorta rushed this one but overall these are the top anime that made me sad and curl up in my bed to cry alone(with my dogs!) Tagging a few others in the challenge! @biancadanica98 @otakudemon10 @AimeBolanos @SAMURXAI @hikaymm
All really good anime's that made me cry so much! 💜
I lost it right away when I started talking about Kanon...
I have yet to watch that, I'll have to check it out after I straighten out my emotions lol
Good idea, lol if you cry easily I'm telling you right now this one is gonna make you bawl.
Yesss I loved all of your picks! TuT
Almost made it through the card without tearing up! Plastic Memories always gets me!
@assasingod TuT its ok I cried while making mine I just wioed my tears on thw quicks cuz I was with family
They wouldn't understand since they haven't watched them lol
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