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{MAG} Sad Sunday TUT

I'm gonna make it short and sweet here because the Show I'm gonna talk about has messed me up so much in almost Every Episode!!
I'm very surprised that nobody has really posted about Re:Zero here as on of the Saddest Anime out there! This Show literally turned me into a absolute Mess and not alot of Shows really do that to me... Subaru went thru so much loss and so much pain and literally almost went insane!! My Heart Broke seeing him in pain!! This Guy would literally relive his death and always reawaken at the starting point earlier that day with those exact memories of his death hours later and would always try and change that future.... Sometimes he isn't very successful in some episodes but that really has to be psychologically damaging to your Mind!! I couldn't imagine living his life, because if that happened to me I would have to be locked up in an insane asylum if anything!! Not to mention the things he did for Rem, Ram, and Emilia it was very noble and very heartwarming to watch!! @Aimebolanos @DripDrop @trustfundkid @AlexCattura @NeckoNecko @SimplyAwkward @hikaymm @tylor619
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