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Not a Coincidence! Kate Plotted to Marry Prince William!
I always thought of their story was such a wonderful fairytale, I'm not sure how accurate this article it, but it makes some sense :) Rumors have long circulated that Kate Middleton’s pursuit of Prince William was a more calculated affair than it might first have appeared, and a new book by the always well-informed Katie Nicholl has some intriguing new details to back up those claims. For Nicholl – royal correspondent for the Mail on Sunday who also writes for Vanity Fair – says in her new book, “Kate: The Future Queen” that far from being a mere coincidence, Kate deliberately plotted to attend St Andrew’s university at the same time as the Prince. Jasper Selwyn, a careers adviser at Kate’s former school, Marlborough College, and Joan Gall, her house tutor, confirm in the book that her first choice was not St Andrews at all, but Edinburgh. After William’s own choice of university was made public, Kate turned down the place she had been offered at Edinburgh and took a year out, reapplying for St Andrews, a far inferior university, so that she could be not just at the same college as William but also in the same year. The book also tells how, in 2009, Carole spoke to William, asking him if he did indeed intend marrying her daughter and he assured her that he did.
gosh really ... like no other woman has ever done this ... get over it ladies ... she nabbed prince charming first ... LMFAO
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@divalycious lol yes! Well, it shows she's not a pushover and she goes after what she wants! :)
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well..well..well.. I salute Kate then!..XD
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I don't think anybody minds what she did
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