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{MAG} Truly Evil Tuesday!😈

Izaya Orihara - Durarara!!

Izaya caught my attention from the get-go! He's so fascinating and Moriarty-like! The puppet-master of Ikebukuro, he loves humans, pushing buttons just to see how they'll react! As entertaining as humans are to him, he is to me!

Honorable Mentions

Everyone has villains that they love, villains that they hate, and villains that they love to hate! Here are some other villains I've most enjoyed observing!

Hisoka - Hunter x Hunter

To be honest, I feel like it's still a little unclear to me whether Hisoka is actually evil or just a creep (I'm around 60 episodes in)... I think he lives for the thrill of a fight, carefully selecting and priming his opponents. I'm not sure if he has a goal beyond that, but he certainly piques my interest...

Madara Uchiha - Naruto

It's always interesting to see how characters evolve in Naruto, at least in my opinion. Like many Naruto villains, he was pretty cool in his youth, but, as Indra's reincarnation, he lost his way and became corrupted (due to Kuro-Zetsu's manipulation on Kaguya's behalf, as I recall...). You may notice a pattern here, but I found him fascinating in the end... Not to mention pretty entertaining! I wonder how he would have turned out, had things gone differently, a common theme in Naruto for me!

Medusa - Soul Eater

Twisted snake-witch Medusa! Can you tell I like the manipulative villains? I haven't watched Soul Eater in forever, but Medusa has stuck with me for some reason...
Did you know? Masashi Kishimoto said in an interview the Madara Uchiha is only about as strong as Nappa from Dragon Ball Z.
IIIZZAAYYYAA!!!!! *incoming vending machine*
Hisoka is literally my fave from Hunter x Hunter!!! Love love love him! Glad to see you're still enjoying it! (:
@AmazingAshley I can never resist giving him the top spot when it comes to villains! I tried, but there's just no one else that I'm so unsure of whether I love or hate them!
Well, 'tis true. One of the most deadly and powerful people from the entire series is only about as strong as a Tier 4 or 5 DBZ villain.
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