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My Top Ten Most Attractive Anime Women!

Hey everyone, @nimm14 here with a list of some of the female characters I find most appealing! I based this on not only their looks, but their personalitys as well! There will be only one girl per franchise! Also remember this is based on my taste. So let's get this party popping! Media Monsters Squad CEO: @amobts Media Monsters Team: @MadAndrea @KokoroNoTakara @Helixx @Thekreviewer @nimm14 Monster Bloggers: @PrettieeEmm @SimplyAwkward @EllieNim @BBxGD @CynthiaForeman @VeronicaArtino

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Writer @nimm14, Lead Anime Monster

Inori Yuzuriha - Guilty Crown

At ten I placed Inori from Guilty Crown. She is as beautiful and elegant as her voice. Despite her looks, she can be a cold and headless killer. So be careful around her!

Touka Kirishima - Tokyo Ghoul

Coming in at nine we have Touka Kirishima. Touka is a brave, strong willed, and beautiful girl who befriends the main protagonist of the series! This ghoul is packing serious power in her Kagune, so it's best to try to stay on get good side!

Road - D. Grayman

Then at eight we have Road, but don't let her looks fool you. This little cutie is from the clan of Noah! She is as dangerous as she is lovely.

Saber - Fate Stay/Night & Fate Stay/Zero

At seven we have Saber, or previously known as Arthur Pendragon King of Camelot! Well the King turns out to be a Queen, so yeah. Anyways, other than those names she is also referred to as The King of Knights! She is strong and rather calm most of the time. That doesn't mean she won't take you out if she needs to though!

Jibril - No Game No Life

Then coming in at number six, we have the Flugel known as Jibril! This monstrous, slightly perverted women is from Second most powerful race called the Flugel! Angel like beings with eminence magical power! She might look cute, but under all that she is a cool blooded killer (at times). This is shown when she destroyed a lot of an Elf City, because their magic barrier knocked her out of the sky. So try not to get her angry, okay?

Morgiana - Magi

At five we have the beautiful and strong Morgiana, or Morg. She is a descendent of a tribe of hunters from what is referred to by most as the dark continent. She had powerful legs whose kicks can kill even the most ferocious of beasts. Despite all that she's a sweet, kind, and caring, with a big heart!

Yoruichi Shihōin - Bleach

At four is Yoruichi Shihōin, the former captain of the second division in the soul society. She is a Shinigami with the ability to turn into a cat. She is quick on her feet, and quick to think things through. Watch out for the black cat!

Erza Scarlet - Fairy Tail

In third I have Erza Scarlet. The beautiful and strong Fairy Tail wizard. She lives up to her nickname as Queen of the Fairies! Her requip magic is in a league of its own! Don't piss this fiery cake loving red head off, it might be the last thing you do!

Tsunade Senju - Naruto

Coming in at two is the busty and beautiful fifth hokage of the leaf! Tsunade it's stubborn, strong willed, and has a terrible gambling problem (which earned her the nickname The Legendary Sucker). She has super human strength, as well as impressive healing and regenerative capabilitys!

Honorable Mentions

Some honorable mentions before I reveal my top pick!

Boa Hancock - One Piece

Lucy Heartfilia - Fairy Tail

Hinata Huga - Naruto

And for my number one pick I have , drum roll please!

Nico Robin - One Piece

At number one I have Robin from the Strawhat crew! I absolutely love her! She's strong, intelligent, caring, and truly breathtaking! She is probably the most sensible out of the crew, and her power is nothing to laugh at!
I hope you enjoyed yourself! If I didn't have your favorite anime girl, comment their name down below! Then in a week or two I will make another list, but with your favorites! Now go and enjoy the rest of your evening!

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i fearded for the people that had to fight morgiana
then i fell in love with her lol
I love her, but still feel bad for the people she's fighting xd
oh yeah, i was in shock when i saw her fight
Mea from to love ru Celine from to love ru is the cutest thing and is life but she's a toddler so she doesn't count for this list. Shiina from pet girl of sakura hall and Kashima from Monthly Girls Nozaki Kun
I'll make sure to add them in the next card xD
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