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130902 Lee Minho (이민호) at ICN airport heading to L.A for "Heritors" filming i cant wait for this drama :D Cr. Pookie Goz via #HallyuLeeMinHo Subscribe us at http://www.youtube.com/user/HallyuLeeMinHoo
Cant waittt *.*
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Add a comment in [English]I wish he take a detour to NYC after filming those luxury places in California... if richest homes he need, we have Manhattan and the Hamptons, skyscrapers and mansions galore!... sorry for the self promotion!
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@007gabriela i wish u can see him and do what u wish for me i hope he can come and visit egypt :D if he come to nyc just take pic with him and post it :D
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Add a comment in [English]We are ladies in waiting for Minho, you and I are sisters, because have the same dream, and that is that oppa visit our cities... I'm envious of you... always want to go to Egypt!
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