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KIM HYUN JOONG - Leaving After KBS Inspiring Age Drama Filming Cr : Hjlove09 https://www.facebook.com/yogi.hykjh?hc_location=stream
Why He Look Afraid And Running Away ??? ^_^
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Awwww my gentleman oppa y r u soo afraid of ur own fans haha oppa was lookin around 2 c if smone was following him and he even ran from his fans oppa :-P @beautifulcandle oppa doesn't really do dat mb he is in a hurry thgh
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Haha but smtms fans r crazy 2 but i think he was in a hurry
4 years ago·Reply
oppa is really like a child and a baby his expressions are really like child being afraid of the crowd and running to his parents oppa y r u soo cute and adorable ♥:-*
4 years ago·Reply
Oooooooooooopooooo after your info am moooooooore in love with him ^_^ thanx
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