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I guess you can call this an intro to my European travels. Over the years I have been fortunate enough to travel all over the world, and though the sets of of photos may be dated, I think you will enjoy them nonetheless. I will do Europe first, South America, and then Asia. What do you think? I have not had any comments yet so if you have any preferences yet, let me know! These photos are about 2 years old, but I doubt Bath, Somerset has changed much since then. My family and I usually make trips every year to London, as we have quite a bit of family there. However, we do not usually travel around London, so this was quite a treat and an eye opener. The English country side is beautiful, and I wish that I was blogging at that point so that I could have stopped the car and taken better photos. But these will have to do. Living in New York, I forget how amazing it must be to be living constantly with so much history. Of course, the US has some history, but it does not compare to places like Bath, Somerset. The name of the city comes from the highlight of the city: the ancient baths that were created by the Romans during their presence in Britain (approx. from 43-409 AD). I’m not going to go too much into a history lesson, as I am not nearly qualified. However, if you do want to know some history, you can watch Hank Green’s insightful video at the Vlog Brothers' youtube channel. He has the ability to turn everything into a thesis. I urge everyone who visits London to take some time out to visit the countryside and the surrounding areas. While going to Europe turns into its own history lesson, visiting Bath is like taking a time machine into an ancient world… with Marks & Spencer right next door. Check out more photos on my blog:
@SabeenM hahah ook then no for me then. the reason I aksed this is the bath House in Budapest , they still used it for bathing though.
@Tapsamai If you want to take a dip into the murky green water! haha no it's kind of like a museum now.
@SabeenM Very interesting. Can't wait to see even more!
Thank you for sharing this!
can you bath there ??