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the actor lives of the public, if not public does not sell, the actor and the artist has to be very careful with the public, I love min ho, but this was in bad taste, the international actor because everyone you see, when you come to a country where you are waiting, where is the surprise, I understand that he was tired, this must never happen again, we all make mistakes, we are human, to which the public does not like it do other things, lawyer, doctor, is in this work to be an actor or artist, they all know you do not have private lives, they live for this, it is an art.
Well I think the fans were way to aggressive...I love LMH and worry when I see fans getting right in his face...he is way polite and always smiling but in this video he seems scared somewhat and lost. He needed way more security around him. Well I'm white and know bigtime who LMH is LOL he is my very most favorite actor. And I have Asian/American friends who've never even heard of him !
Tell why was there not more security, he looks so frustrated.
Hahaha cincha......
I saw the latest fancam this one more clearer.. He smile coz he want to be polite to his fans, Most the fans in there is Asian, i heard in the background.. White people they just staring at them seems think whats goin on.. Lol.. I don't like the man nxt to #Minho seems he pushed him.. Be gentle man eh... 😄
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