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This is very IRONIC!.. Hayden is having her tattoo "Live Life without regrets" removed! XD She is in the process of getting the tattoo on her rib cage that says “live without regrets” in Italian removed because one of the words is misspelled, reports the Daily Mail. The words “Vivere senza rimpianti” are plainly visible on the blond beauty’s left rib cage. But the last word should be spelled “rimipianti.” Talk about regretful.
Lol.. very! talking about ironic! now that's a huge regret!
@blairwitme lol indeed!.. I wonder what happened to the artist who misspelled
@shoenami oh yes, I hope he hasnt gotten fired? >.< How and when did they even realized it was misspelled?
@blairwitme I'm really not sure! lol.. but imagine the feeling when they realized about it! lol
The tattoo artist got only one letter wrong! It was suppose to be "rimpianti" but he did "rimipianti"!