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2010 throwback (celebs on military service)
SOUTH KOREA 2010 JOO JI HOON - entered on 2 February...active duty.. He was discharged on 21 November 2011. LEE JUN KI - entered on 3 May 2010.. active duty... He was discharged at 8:00 on 16 February 2012. LEE DONG GUN - entered on 15 June 2010.. active duty...He was discharged on 28 March 2012.[ KANGIN - entered on 5 July 2010... active duty.. He was discharged on 16 April 2012. KIM NAM GIL - entered on 15 July 2010... non active duty....He was discharged on 14 July 2012. KIM JI HOON - entered on October 2010... active duty... He was discharged on 12 July 2012. KANG DONG WON - entered on 18 November 2010.. non active duty... He was discharged on 12 November 2012.
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yuppie we r all excited 4 binnie oppa
4 years ago·Reply
idk about y'all but jun ki is looking good in that uniform ;)
4 years ago·Reply
@zitla.. yes.. that's because he really is handsome.. i guess he'll look good even in rags...lol
4 years ago·Reply
@nylamrehs you right any clothing looks good on him, he's really handsome, verry manly when doing action moves,,
4 years ago·Reply
@norsky... he's just so damn good looking that you could say he's beautiful too like... heechul, no min woo..song joong ki.. and lee min ho as well ....
4 years ago·Reply