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Be the GM. Which QB from the 2011 and 2012 draft would you pick for your team?
If RG3's knee is fully recovered then I'd definitely pick him. He can throw and is probably the speediest runner out of everyone here. Andrew Luck gets way too much credit for their playoff run last year. That man threw so many picks. Not saying he is bad, but I don't know.... Andy Dalton just doesn't have the arm strength. Kaepernick in my book is still unproven. Cam seems to not be able to deal with pressure and Wilson is still an unproven passer in my opinion. But Pete Carrol has done a great job putting him in a position for success.
@johnlee Gotta go with Kaepernick. Still remember that game where he tore my Bears up. I think that was actually his first career start. The man is a beast and anyone who makes the Packers look silly gets a +1 in my book.