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Comedian and entertainer Tak Jae Hoon bemoaned his lack of work during his appearance on the latest episode of 'Barefoot Friends'. The cast members had visited Kim Ji Hoon's house as part of their latest 'homemade food' project along with the comedian. During a quiet moment, Tak Jae Hoon posed a question for Kang Ho Dong and Yoon Jong Shin. He asked, "How do you keep broadcasting without any breaks?" Eun Ji Won asked a follow-up question to the comedian. "Why did you quit broadcasting?" SEE ALSO: Kang Ho Dong says goodbye to 'Knee Drop Guru' on the final broadcast Apparently uncomfortable, Tak Jae Hoon replied, "I didn't quit because I wanted to. Drinking and cigarettes, those I quit because I could, but broadcasting..." he trailed off. The cast didn't give up so easily, however, prodding, "Then why do you think you stopped getting work?" Upset, Tak Jae Hoon got up, saying, "I think I'm just going to leave."