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Traveling to North Korea has been a debate for a while, some would go against that, some would support that. In his new post, Wandering Earl, has pointed out some arguments that people would state out, and by using his recent experience to North Korea, has pointed out some pretty good points. Below are the arguments from people, however, if you want to read more. Feel free to come to his website to take a look "There are many angles to view this ethical debate but in general, those who are against traveling to North Korea make the following arguments: The money travelers spend goes to the regime, in essence helping to support their repressive policies, including endless human rights violations, and keep them in power. Foreigners are used as propaganda tools by the North Korean government by presenting tourists as people who have come to pay their respects to the country, regime and their leaders. Travelers to North Korea are only allowed to experience a very limited, and highly controlled, slice of North Korea as dictated by the government, making it pointless to visit since you don’t experience anything ‘real’. Interaction between North Koreans and foreigners is of no value because foreigners are only allowed to interact with a hand-chosen group of loyal government supporters and are not able to interact with the general public."
yah I alao agreed with him about that. in another entry, he did write about how smile and hug would make us more closer and get more happy when travelling :)
I read his blog and actually agree with many of his points. In particular, human interaction and being exposed to foreigners will eventually lead to deeper thinking of the outside world.