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SOUTH KOREA LEE JOON HYUK - entered on 19 June 2012.. active duty... KIM KYUJONG - entered on 23 July 2012... active duty JI HYUN WOO - entered on 7 August 2012 ... LEETUK - entered on 30 October 2012... active duty...
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can I enter info the military service in korea.well like a volunteer. please
hahahah... that would be awesome!! lol
oppa come back safely take good care of urself i miss u :) kim kyu jung oppa come back safely i wanna c ss501 reunion soo badly love u <3leeteuk and lee jon huk oppa missz u :) love u
Omg, it took me a second to recognize Lee Joon Hyuk. I remember him from City Hall. He was so cute.
yup charleen.. that's him.. i like him too but he is not in the levels of LMH.. JOO WON... JGS... or JANG HYUK.. SSH.. SJS.. KSW.. HYUN BIN either..