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Hey Everyone! I know this intro is like way late but better late than never right!? So first off I want to start by saying I'm actually a self proclaimed mod who wanted to bring more attention to a smaller community! I have been a fan of Teen Top since their debut and I still love them very much to this day!!
A quick introduction of me! -I'm a 92 liner -I've been into kpop since about 2007 (honestly probably earlier because I followed BOA) -I write fan fiction (Recently started just a few months ago) -American -Food = Life -Teen Top bias is Chunji, Neil also makes Chunji run for his money, but all the members are amazing I think that's good enough Hahaha moving on!!
To start off, to help build this tiny community I have reached out to some friends for support who were just as excited as I was Our lovely supporters are: @MichalJamerson @AaliyahNewbell @Junhwanbae92 @IsoldaPazo Each of these ladies will be helping me with different events in the Teen Top community so please look forward to it.
Though for those who don't know I'll give you some info about Teen Top so you can also fall in love with them -Teen Top debuted in 2010 with a song called "Clap" - Teen Top fandom name is called Angels -Teen Top is Actually an acronym T - teenage E - Emoboy E - Emotion N - Next Generation T - Talent O - Object P - Praise Why this is an acronym is beyond me. I'm just guessing Andy of Shinhwa was feeling creative that day. - Teen Top debuted with TOP media under Andy Lee from Shinhwa - There are 6 members: CAP Chunji Neil L. Joe Ricky Changjo We will talk more about the members individually as we post our cards!
We will all be sharing a tag list for Teen Top posts so if you would like to be added to future cards please comment here and we will be sure to add you! I went ahead and put my whole tag list here so if you don't want to be tagged in future Teen Top cards please say so! No feelings will be hurt!
I look forward to introducing Teen Top to everyone We will be doing lots of things! Always more to come!
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