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SOUTH KOREA YOO SEUNG HO - entere on 5 March 2013.. active duty SE7EN - entered on 19 March 2013 ... active duty YESUNG - entered on 6 May 2013 ... non active duty SONG JUNG KI - entered on august 27, 2013
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@nylamrehs I agree, sis. It's a very smart move for him to do his military service now. He's still young and when he comes back, they'll welcome him with open arms.
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hi @charleen... yeah.. when he comes back.. he's still be young... our arms and heart will definitely be open until he comes back.. you know he is one of my babies..lol
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no wonder i've never seen him on screen,,,, well as they say the younger the better"
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@norsky... he's really a big star now and he started out when he was just a small kid.. no wonder he is such a good actor..
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