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Today is about your favorite anime or anime characters for me I'll specifically talk about the anime and give my reasons as to why :3 so let's get started.


Without Rosario Vampire I honestly would not be watching any anime in the capacity of which I watch it now. My friend introduced me to this one but it was in Japanese with English subtitles, now at the time I didn't watch sub anime particularly because I didn't know what they were saying and didn't have ten years to learn a new language when I barely understand the one I speak seriously when will I use participles? But I gave it a shot anyway and honestly it was awesome, hearing a new take on voice acting really took me out of my comfort zone in a good way though. As for the anime itself I liked the characters and their motivations, I didn't have to expect much from Tsukune because he was powerless in the situations like putting an ant to fight a bear and yelling at the ant cuz he lost just wasn't necessary. I liked the will they won't they the depressed drastic actions and the overall feel of the anime. Honestly without this I'd only be watching dubbed anime and I'd miss out on a huge market....that being said Fairy Tail was fan dubbed for a while and it was WAAAAAAAAAYYY better than the official dubbed.

Asu no Yoichi

Not many know about this short series even my tablet corrected it to Asus no Touching. However this anime also got me into other players, giving other anime I didn't know about like Black Cat or Katanagatari a shot because Asu no Yoichi was the first anime I watched that had not a huge following. Another one introduced to me by my friend though I finished it before him this was proof to me that anime didn't need a huge following to be good. The characters were hilarious all round but serious when necessary. Each character felt like they were a separate individual well cept the bad guy he felt like an evil version of Yoichi with a chip on his shoulder. I liked the series and wanted to see where'd it go and I enjoyed every bit of it. Also "hey are you getting shorter?"

Air Gear

Little did I know how vulgar one could be in anime before I watched the Beaut of a series. Air Gear was an interesting anime to me because it took an interesting concept and turned it into a kick ass adventure. The animation is polished, the Comedy is to die for, and the action is gritty. When Akito fighting Akira I couldn't believe how technical and bloody the fight was, Each character has their strengths and all feel like an asset to the team as a whole rather than dead weight. This coupled with emotionally given dialogue pulls you into their world and understand why they are who they are. Everyone told me not to watch it but that was because of the disappointing and rather abrupt ending. However that doesn't change the fact it was one hell of a ride to that point.


Now this was the one I couldn't live without for some time. I introduced Magi to my brother because of how hilarious and awesome just the first episode was! Seeing Alibaba and Aladdin go on their adventure was breathe taking. Each character they introduced from Alibaba to Ren Kougyoku really got me interested in who they were and why they were such a dick or loyal. Judar's evil just cuz? K so why does Kougyoku have a problem with him going ape shit? Why does Alibaba want to save his homeland that abandoned him? Where are the rest of the Fanalis? These questions and more I wanted answers to... I gave into my urges and read the Manga I NEEDED IT! I love the animation style and soundtrack Valse Hot being my favorite OST of the series (image 8 check it out it's awesome) I never got a sense that the heroes were ever "going to be okay cuz their the heroes" which is a very good thing I was always on edge wondering if a character would die or be critically injured because they easily could have been, and unlike plenty of anime these days nobody really powered up in the heat of moment or gained some broken ability"because friendship". Every transition felt accurate to a character every time they gained new knowledge or experience it felt natural and how it should progress in an action style anime. Magi left me with so much joy and I picked up in the manga where the anime leaves off because I honestly couldn't get enough....(then the time skip stuffed happen BLEGH GAG COUGH UGH) but Magi will always be greatness.

Yu-Gi-Oh! The Franchise

Everything about Yu-Gi-Oh I love from the animation to the card and itself, everything about resonates with me and my upbringing. I like most got into Yugioh duel monsters when I was a kid, I loved how Yugi would duel too decking like only a true anime character could and making ass pulls so great deadpool himself would be impressed. But it's more than that the characters are really likable each playing their part like they should in every series. Though Tea could/should turn it down with the friendship speeches because my GOD. Jaden's series was more focused on the lighter side of the game ya know before Neos...then shit started goin down. Yusei was a more dark series and while not everyone's life was on a line in a duel everyone's life sucked: poor and got no money sucks, rich but got no friends sucks, rich and got friends has troubled upbringings and ultimately dies...sucks. Seriously did Onslaught make birth in this series because "no one is safe" Then with Zexal (Zeal) it returns to the lighter side of dueling then goes dark once it hits second, Lastly there's the current Arc-V which has a bit of all worlds taking a light side to dueling but also a dark tone as everything seems to have a bit of stakes to it, first your dueling to keep your school open next thing ya know your hoping between dimensions getting any cameos you can afford. The one thing each series has in common though is the troubled past that which makes the Protagonist what they are. Yugi was a loner who needed a friend, Jaden was tormented at the thought of hurting people through dueling, Yusei...is poor 'betrayed' his friend got jacked xD (pun intended) and thrown in jail, Yuma lost his father and mother, and Yuya lost his father and is troubled in dueling trying to duel with his father's teachings. I think each series is fantastic for bringing something new and innovative to the table though I do hope it ends with Arc-V as all good things should die so should my beloved franchise Yugioh. Also characters are using pretty powerful decks these days in the show luckily my scraps won't get touched allowing me to totally pwn without concern >:3

Cardfight Vanguard

Here's one I instantly fell in love with. Polish animation for what I felt like to be a gamble backed by a company just setting in its bearings and a kick ass story to boot. For 4 solid seasons we get to journey forth with Aichi Sendou Aichi was a nervous wreck who constantly got bullied so a passerby gave him a card to imagine he was so he could stand strong. This encounter gave Aichi the courage to begin his Vanguard Journey. What a journey it is getting to see interesting characters both hero and villain twist there perception of what Vanguard should be and how it should be experienced is awesome. Kenji Mitsusada is my favorite character because he essentially never changes his ideals just tactics. The story at times seems a little weak and stretched a little thin but when it picks up it keeps on rolling. I still believe Cardfight to be the best at progression for it's characters and story. Yes one COULD jump straight into the get go destroying the 'why' and getting right to the well 'the' of it. But progression over time is more beneficial for everyone. For example each of these characters loses in one facet or another and I like that. Knowing the MC or company could lose even major critical fights was enough to keep me hooked for more. I wanted to see the progression of each character and to see how others would react at that progression, or even how different a play someone would make after tweaking their deck to better suit their new cards it all felt real because that's what I'd do if I lost. Cardfight is an amazing series and I hate G for killing it the way it did, G is to Cardfight what Shippuden is to Naruto taking everything about a renoun series and throwing it to the gutter to make way for 'flash' (not Barry Allen) Cardfight is in a hole right now but I feel like it could recover they just need a return to form...or kill that series off with a shotgun one or the other preferably the latter please PLEASE.

Bleach :D

Being the Q4 moderator for Bleach I would like to come to my obvious (for me) choice. Bleach is the series that started it all for me I didn't know Yugioh, Pokemon, or Digimon or anything that came on Kids Wb, Fox Box or the like were Anime. I came across Bleach on Adult Swim which plainly told me it was Anime time literally starting out the slot Tom (I think) was like "time to get into some Anime y'all" and I was naïve so I said sign me up! And I'm glad I did. Bleach for isn't just about the animation or its action or the light hearted Comedy to relieve tense situations, no it's about the experience I have when watching it. Everytime I watch it my eyes light up I'm thrown into a universe that's not my own where I can share my emotions with the characters and they can convey theirs to me. I've stayed by my Bleach motto that any character can be your favorite because every character is actually thought about and given some screen time. Doesn't matter if it's Ulquiorra or Hanataro they can be your favorite because there might be a character like you. Not every character has to be sarcastic or cold bad ass, they can be awkward and unsure of themselves yet have a badass moment to themselves or just do something out of the ordinary that most won't. The animation is flawless and even when it first came out it still holds compared to Anime's of today, the comedy is top notch with OST's dedicated to help transition into it like ditty for daddy, the action is fluid not a single frame lost quality (can't say the same for the movies Fade to black YEESH) and the characters have emotional moments between each other that really drives it all home. Bleach is and will always be my favorite anime and manga as no other has made me fall in love with it's characters hero and villain alike yet make me always feel for each. I'll never truly understand why the Anime was cancelled and while I would like to see the characters back in action and handling biz. For now I'll just let this series rest and take it's well deserved break...cept for brave souls I'm milking that baby dry of content :(
Well that's my story :) can't wait to read others, some don't go into the 'why' but I like reading them all the same Tagging: @AdamDean @Zeenyte
Besides Yugioh and Bleach, these are all on the top of my watch list! Im thinking Magi first!!! Especially since I already watched the Netflix original, Sinbad. xD
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@JessSenpai yeah it's a prequel :) that's why I'm impressed :3
code geass my fav anime. but my very first anime series i ever followed was digimon. i was 6 years old and it was the greatest thing i ever seen. so digimon always has held a place in my heart. the very first anime. manga series i watch was bleach i love the action and abiltys of these characters. thw world was awsome. then who can forget inuyahsa . its a tie between lelouch lamprouge and Tai for my fav charcters of all time
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@Zeenyte courage was my favorite it was like the symbol of the show to me :3
Btw.. same here, I cant truly move on from Bleach until I find out why the anime ended after the Fullbring arc.... I thought for sure when the manga ended that they'd announce a return of the anime.
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Well I'm sure everyone did but it was just a shitty live action movie with shitty costumes and it's probably gonna have shitty cgi cuz if they don't cgi the hollows that'll be as impressive as the non cgi star wars originals