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They in the synagogue, when they heard these things, were filled with wrath. Some people are never willing to see the good there is in others, nor to give them the honor to which they are entitled. This was the trouble with the people of Nazareth. Jesus had grown up among them. In a village all one’s life is open to everybody. Some boys and young men commit indiscretions in their early years, which are remembered against them when they are older. But there was nothing in the young days of Jesus, which could be recalled to shame him. He had lived so beautifully, so sweetly, so lovingly, that no one could say anything against Him. By and by He came back to visit His old neighbors. Everybody was talking about Him, and the fame of His life and work had been heard in His old town. But His former neighbors would not see in Him the things others saw in Him. They would not believe that He was The Messiah. Many people show the same spirit in these days. They refuse to see anything beautiful or good in others.