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Ever have someone tell you you're watching too many dramas? After a look at this list, you'll have plenty of reasons to prove that your passion is a perfectly healthy one. Here are eight reasons to be proud of your love of Korean dramas! 1. You're multicultural! Let's face it: Who else can say they're as interested in another culture as a Korean drama fan? If you're not already Korean, these shows provide a great gateway into the world of Korean culture. I can't count the numerous facts I've learned from watching dramas. From taking off your shoes before you go indoors, to coffee culture, to bowing in front of elders, it's all in there. Having a strong grasp over a culture besides your own is a very admirable trait! 2. You're learning valuable personality traits. Speaking of admirable traits, where better to learn some cool personality traits than from a drama? Looking to become more "cool" or trying to learn how to act more cute? It's easy! Simply find a drama with a main character that embodies what you're looking for and start learning by watching. And since there are infinite amounts of main characters with different personalities, you can definitely find exactly what you want. 3. You've learned how to take revenge on your ex, mortal enemy, friend, etc. Well, perhaps this isn't something to be proud of, but you never know when it could come in handy. Honestly, what do dramas teach better than revenge? In almost every show, there's always someone who's trying to extract revenge -- whether it be petty or serious. I'm sure we've all learned a few tricks in the art of vengeance simply from watching shows! 4. You're picking up a new language! This is certainly the biggest asset you can gain from watching dramas. After viewing a few different shows, it's all but impossible to avoid picking up some Korean! Many foreigners who are touring Korea can usually get by with the Korean that they learn from dramas. In some cases, people even become conversational in the language, or even fluent. What better way to learn a language than through an enjoyable show? 5. It teaches you discipline. Finishing a drama takes commitment. Every week you have to wait and wait...and wait for the next episode to come out. It's basically torture. If you can stick through the pain of waiting for the next episode each week, you can suffer through the pain of most other tasks in life. Also, most dramas span twenty episodes (or ten weeks!). If you can stick with something for that long, you've created a strong attention span. 6. You get a great sense of fashion! Have you ever noticed how everyone in dramas are dressed so perfectly? From their coats to their sunglasses to their boots, everything comes together into one fashionable blossoming. Well, after watching so many shows, some of that fashion sense is bound to rub off on us, right? I must say, I've learned a few valuable fashion tricks from my time watching dramas (thanks Song Joong Ki!). 7. You can find your future/husband wife! So maybe you won't marry Hyun Bin or Kim Tae Hee — well, maybe you will — but at least you get the idea of what you want in a spouse. Dramas show us a wide variety of personalities as I mentioned before, and it's a great way to see what type of person really makes your heart flutter. After you fall for a character in a drama, it's fun to find someone similar in real life! 8. You're part of a great community! Kdramas bring people together and that's a fact. I mean, just look at our DramaFever community! No matter where you are or what you look like, if you find another person who is interested in K-dramas, you're bound to end up as friends. Not only is it a great talking point, but it's a fun activity that you can do together. Korean dramas are definitely a strong tool your friendship toolbox.
@dramacrazy its wonderful <3 & Yep ! ^o^
@KDramaFreak isn't Vingle great? Vingle does bring us together.
@everyone let's all work really hard and save as much money as we can!!! then we all plan a big convention to go over there and stay for 1 month or 2. we can see the sights, go to every fan thing we hear of and go tour the places that our favorite dramas were filmed!!!!! everyone , fighting!!!!!
@beeonka no, I didn't know thqt. I'm going to search for them!!!
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