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First love part 3

"Huh?" I looked at him a little surprised. He just walked away thinking that I didn't hear what he said. I followed him out. "If.. if we're going to get married then, why don't we make some rules?" He nodded. "First of all, we can't live in this mansion" "Okay." I gulped an amount of air and told him the second rule. "Secondly, you have to spend time with my son no matter how busy you are." He furrowed his brows and looked at me with an attitude. I mean.. 7 years ago he used to really like kids. "Me? With your kid? Why would I do that?" "....then I'm not getting married." And I turned around. He grabbed my wrist and agreed. "Okay, okay.. I'll.. I'll do something about that." That was settled. I called Hoseok to let him know I was okay. "Hello?" "Y/n? Is this you?" "Yeah.." "You okay?" "Yeah.. uh... i actually decided to marry Jimin." "...WHAT?!?!?!?" I took off the phone from my ear.. his voice was too loud. "WHAT DO YOU MEAN MARRY??? DON'T TELL ME YOU FORGOT ABOUT-" "Hoseok, calm down. I didn't forget anything. It's just... it's grandfather's will." "..." "Okay. So what are you going to do with Young Joon?" "We're going to raise him together." "...okay..." "Thanks Hoseok for everything." "Yeah yeah yeah whatever. Just buy me dinner one time. And tell me if anything hard goes on." "I will. Thanks!" I hung up.. what am I going to do with my life now? I picked up Young Joon and went to our new house. "Mommy? Are we moving to a new house?" I nodded. "In fact Young Joon, you're going to get a dad!" "...A dad??" I nodded and was expecting that he wouldn't be too happy. "A DAD!! I'M GETTING A DAD!! WHOO HOO!!!!!!!!!" I smiled, relieved. Jimin hired people to move our stuff and his stuff into our new house. His secretary let me know of the things that were happening. "So.. since you have a kid, we're going to say that you guys met in America and nade a little mistake. Then, you two got married and there you have a happy family." "Won't the people start asking why Jimin hid this whole family thing?" "We'll just say that he didn't want people to bother his family." I agreed. "We've been married for 7 years... that's a while." Since Jimin was the CEO of a big company, he was obviously the target of many people. And his family was included as one of the targets also. I sometimes wonder if the whole surroundings made him into such a different person. All the 'have to be perfect CEO' things can really burden you. Jimin finally came home and mer Young Joon. "Are you Young Joon Young Joon nodded. Jimin ruffled his hair as he smiled. It's been forever since I saw that heart-warming look. He crouched down to have eye to eye contact with Young Joon and told him, "My name is Park Jimin and I'm going to be your dad." Young Joon beamed a smile and hugged Jimin. Jimin's eyes got wide as Young Joon hugged him. Probably wasn't expecting a hug from such a little boy. "Can I call you appa?" Jimin looked down at the floor and thought for a while. ".... sure. Why not?" Them two walked over to me and said hi. Of course they looked exactly the same. Because... Young Joon was Jimin's kid anyway. Same blood.
this is a game changer
what happened to them? why did she hide this from jimin? will she ever tell him about his kid and why she did what she did to separate jimin from his own kid? and more importantly how will jimin take this will she hate her and the kid or will be forget about this and live with them as a happy family? 😣😣😯😦 so many questions and no answers I need answers this is so good tho please update soon 🙏🙏🙏
Lol 😂 Don't worry! There will be an update next week!! 😚
that doesn't help because that's 7 days and Idk what day it will be it could be Monday or Sunday and the wait is killing me lol 😣😣😣😢😢😢 why you got to play with my feels like that tho why 😔🙁😣😢 lol
please add me to the tag list!
Oh wow! I wonder how Jimin is going to react when finds out the truth.
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