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From London to Korea Pt 11

Gah! Curse my forgetful memory! I have a question for you guys. What do you think is going to happen, when Carrie returns to school or once she's a trainee? Have I been leaving good hints or are you still clueless about where the plot will go?

Waking up the next morning, dried tears rest on my face and I’m completely exhausted. Krista is still out cold, so I go to the bathroom and wash my face. She starts groaning and complaining when I turn on a light to get dressed, so I choose to use a flashlight. If Krista is anything like I am, she needs way more sleep than what she gets.
Suddenly, I hear a very loud and boisterous voice bragging to the empty halls, one I recognize to belong to Jung Nam. I peak out the door, and his face lights up. He begins to talk, but I silence him quickly, trying to not wake Krista. Unfortunately, she wakes up the second he walks through the door, probably recognizing Jung Nam’s footsteps. Krista shoots up, muttering something along the lines of she’s up and will have that new routine ready for him by the end of the day.
Jung Nam laughs, filling the room with the sound of a lion’s roar. “Oh Krista! You don’t have to worry about it! That was finished, and today is your day off! Relax, have a spa day! You deserve it.” Turning to face me, he says, “on the other hand, we have to get you to the airport. Your mother is expecting you home today, Carrie, and I intend to have you home when she wants you. You are still a minor, and we never want to upset parents too much. We are left in charge of their precious children, keeping them apart for months at a time, which upsets them enough. So, are you all packed and ready to go?”
“Yes, sir! I have all my things packed, though not as organized as before.” I chuckle at that last part. For some reason, packing to leave I always have everything folded nicely and each item in its special spot, but going home, nothing is where it should be.
“Ah yes, isn’t it funny how that always happens? I’ve always believed us putting each item in our bag a specific way before leaving is a sign of fear for what could happen while we’re gone. But when we pack to return home, we’re so eager to be home we can’t focus on the tasks at hand. Thus, returning with an unorganized bag.”
Maybe that’s true. I’ve studied a small bit of psychology, and would’ve gone on to major in it had this fallen through. But I haven’t gotten to that point in the textbooks yet.
“But once you’re back home, you can’t forget all you learned yesterday. Keep working on it. And once you graduate, you’ll be back here getting even better. Hopefully we’ll have the rest of your group ready to go. Can’t be too careful when selecting your group. You ladies will be the sisters to B.A.P, and you were hand-picked by them. It may take a while, or be very easy. Most likely, you should be prepared to be the leader. Carrie, you have those leader qualities we like, and may not find that in any of the girls picked for your group.”
“O-ok, I didn’t think that would happen, but anything’s possible at this point.”
“Very true dear, very true. Are you ok, Krista?”
This whole time, she’s been staring off into space, looking guilty. Why would she be guilty? Krista has been perfect, maybe a few minutes late for a deadline, but she’s made up for that by having things ready days before they’ve expected it. I wonder what’s going on?
“Yes sir, just trying to plan what I’m going to do today. Probably just dance the time away.”
“Ok Krista, if that’s what you want to do.”
“Yes sir. And have a safe flight Carrie!”
“Will do. Thank you Krista!”
Jung Nam reaches for my suitcase. “I can grab that for you. You’ve been working extremely hard.”
“Ok, thank you sir!”
“Now let’s get you on that plane and back to your mom.”
The drive to the airport was a comfortable silence, and I couldn’t stop marking the combo we learned for auditions. The combo that got me the job. And I will never forget it. Probably will be doing this in my grave, years from now.
Arriving at the airport, once again I have to rely on Jung Nam to find my terminal. Gah! Why can’t I read Hangul! I mean if i can understand it, I should be able to read it. This is so aggravating.
“Well, this is where I leave you. You won’t be back until summer break, and if you graduate early, then you’ll be here constantly. Moving here, most likely practicing with B.A.P, and prepping for your group. You ok with that?”
“Yeah! I’m excited for it, just not for leaving my mom. That’s the only thing I’ll struggle
with. But we have the joys of Skype, so I can talk to mom more often.”
“Very, very true dear. Just make sure you’re sleeping enough so you can keep your energy up and perform well. Expectations are higher for you, as you probably realize.”
“Yes sir. There won’t be mistakes. I promise.”
“I don’t think I’ll hold you to that. You are human, and mistakes are bound to happen. Be on the lookout for mistakes others have made, and learn from them. There’s a good example or two from someone you know.”
“Krista? She hasn’t messed up too badly, has she?”
“I won’t say names, or mistakes. THat’s up to them. Now, they’re calling for you to board. Keep up on your studies and we will keep in touch to train you. Take care of yourself!”
“Will do. And thank you for everything sir!”
“My pleasure sweetie. Say hi to your mom for me! She seems so sweet.”
The crowd of people swept me into the plane before I could say anything.
What did you guys think?
Love you! ~Elayne
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