Characters: History members Rating: PG Type: One shot Description: It's Kyungil's birthday and the members celebrate with him by going out to dinner after schedule is done. That night, Kyungil reveals news to YiJeong that disappoints him. He didn't know how to handle it. Kyungil was the closest person to his heart and to have this happen he felt he lost and devastated.
The HISTORY members and their manager were at dinner together celebrating Kyungil's 29th birthday. It was also another celebration for them winning their first award on a music show the day before. Kyungil placed down his fork after finishing his chocolate and peanut butter pie. "That was superb," he says as he licks his lips of the dessert's contents. "We've had a great week so far. Winning #1 on Music Bank yesterday and doing TV appearances. I know more amazing this is going to happen this week. I appreciate this wonderful dinner with you guys. Gifts don't make as happy as being around you guys. You're like brothers to me. Love you guys." The members cringed as their bodies squirmed from the cheesy words. "Stop it, hyung," Sihyoung whined as he slightly nudged Kyungil. The guys laughed lightly as they continued finishing their food before heading back to the dorm. While in the car, Kyungil received a text message from DoKyun. He opened it and read it: "Did you tell YiJeong yet?" Sighing lightly, he replied 'No... I will later,' and laid his head back, a sunken look on his face. Almost an hour later, they arrived at the dorm and started to get ready for bed. Kyungil laid down in his bedroom on the bed scrolling through his SNS accounts. A soft knock came upon his bedroom door before the person came walking in. "What is the point of you knocking if you're not going to wait for an answer?" Kyungil asked annoyed. YiJeong strolled over to his bed and laid on top of Kyungil's swole body, staring lovingly at him. Kyungil ignored him as he continued looking at his phone. Suddenly, YiJeong lifted himself up and came closer to Kyungil's face, their noses slightly touching. "So you're going to ignore me?" YiJeong asks cutely. "I guess you won't get your birthday present." "You?" he questioned, his eyes widening a bit. "No, silly. I bought something for you." YiJeong reached down the side of the bed and pulled up a medium black paper bag. Kyungil sat up as he was handed the bag. Reaching in, he felt a small item along with a card and box. He pulled the card out and began to open it when YiJeong took it from him and laid it next to him. "Read that after you see the gifts." Kyungil obeyed him and then grabbed the box inside the bag. "Oh, my favorite cologne," Kyungil says a delighted smile upon his face. "You come into my room when I'm not here, don't you?" "Maybe..." he smirked shrugging his shoulders. Next he took out the small item. It was a Pandora lock bracelet with various charms on it. "This is cute, YiJeong. You bought this?" The maknae proudly nodded his head with big, happy smile upon his face. "I saved a lot of money in the last 2 months to buy you this. I'm at least glad you like it." Kyungil playfully rubbed his head, "Ah YiJeong's become a big boy. Good job. Good job." Suddenly, the quick-handed maknae reached forward and pinched the thin skin upon Kyungil's large hand. A low screech escaped from his plump lips. "So you wanna fight?" he said as tossed the black bag over to the side launching himself close to YiJeong's bare face. He stared him down as he didn't flinch from the sudden movement, glaring right back at him. Kyungil smiled slightly as he softly placed his lips upon YiJeong's. Unexpectedly, the maknae pushed him away with an irritated look, "Hyung, you're too quick with things. Read your card if you want the special gift." "You know you like to be bossy, ugh?" He took up the card, ripped open the closed flap, and took the card out. On the front displayed a picture of their FM date back in 2014. There stood a cardboard standee of Kyungil with a plaid shirt with dirty blonde hair. Next to it YiJeong stood puckering up his light pink lips to it, eyes closed. A small giggle came from Kyungil as he then opened it up to begin reading: "Hyung, it seems like we just met yesterday. We have so many memories together since debuting. Your amazing leadership you display within HISTORY. But, best of all, the close bond that I cherish between you and I. Just seeing your sweet lovely smile makes me happy. When you embrace me in your strong arms makes my heart flutter. I feel safe and secure next to you. You are everything to and I want you to know..." Kyungil glanced up at YiJeong, who threw his arms up into a heart shape with a touching 'I love you' from his soft voice. A sweet smile appeared upon his face, eyes beginning to water up. "Ah, hyung don't cry," YiJeong pleaded as he rubbed Kyungil's left thick thigh. He leaned in towards his hyung, placing his arms around his small neck. Immediately, Kyungil began to cry even more as YiJeong whispered 'It's okay' into his ear. It was unclear to him why he became so emotional but he only cared about calming him down at the moment. Several minutes went by before his tears that flowed like a waterfall began to slow down and his heartbeat went back to normal. With a swollen face and red eyes, he looked up to his dongsaeng, finding it difficult to open his mouth and say it. His slightly shaking hand reached up to YiJeong's cheek and slowly stroked it. "Hyung..." YiJeong said worriedly. "Why are you like this?" HISTORY was performing their goodbye stage today on Inkigayo. YiJeong and Kyungil had been feeling a bit awkward together over the past few days. Ever since that night, YiJeong had still yet to come to reality about it. The original fun and happy maknae was nowhere to be seen and his hyungs could sense it. After doing their performing their song, YiJeong sat down in the corner of their waiting room be himself and closed his eyes to sleep for a while. Kyungil stared with a sunken expression through the reflection of the mirror, shutting his eyes with a deep sigh. With heavy footsteps, he walked over to the maknae's still body. He grabbed a throw blanket lying next to him and pulled away the jacket Yijeong put over himself. The maknae's eyes shot open to see a large plaid colored throw blanket coming towards him. Once it was laid down over his slim body he saw the person's face. It was his hyung, Kyungil. Quickly, he diverted his eyes away from him, feeling his heart tense up as Kyungil kept looking with sympathetic eyes. "Stop, hyung," the maknae said in a still, emotionless voice. He shut his eyes, covering his face with the blanket. Kyungil stood back up straight, turning away, his heart feeling like it would break into a million pieces. An hour later, all the artists were on stage to announce the winner of this week. The 1st place nominees were HISTORY, Nu'est, and Purfles. The screen popped up the points for different categories before starting to add up the final score. The three groups stared anxiously at the screen as the final score paused at 6150. After what felt like the longest 4 seconds of their life, the score shot up to 10480 under HISTORY's column. The sound of fan's screams and clapping filled the atmosphere. Confetti began raining down on the stage. Big smiles came upon all the member's handsome faces as MC Jackson handed the trophy over to Kyungil. He took a long look at it as his face reflected off its shiny exterior. Handing over the trophy to Jaeho, who immediately planted a big kiss upon its rim, he raised the microphone to his parted lips. "Ah," he sighed, taking a slight pause before speaking again. "To all our wonderful and loving Storia, thank you very much. We feel so happy and grateful to receive this award given by you on our last stage. Also thank you to our CEO-nim, our parents, and our hardworking members. It really means a lot to us and myself especially since it's going to be my last stage performing with these amazing guys before my military enlistment. Again, a big thanks to all of you." YiJeong, who had been standing at the end, lowered his head and turned around as his tears flowed down the bridge of his nose before dropping off at the tip. DoKyun wrapped his arm around YiJeong and pulled him in close to rest his head upon his chest. Jaeho and Sihyoung, also becoming emotional, came towards Kyungil and hugged him tightly as the MCs did their closing remarks. Kyungil forced himself to hold back from crying too much. He wanted to act strong so everyone didn't see him weak. Their title song started playing for the encore and the members each bowed politely to various artists as the congratulated them before exiting the stage. Kyungil glanced over, seeing DoKyun comforting YiJeong, who didn't want to come to realization of his hyung's enlistment. It wished that it was just a dream he could wake from. He didn't know how he could handle being apart from him for two years. As he began walking around the stage, trying to calm his aching heart, he was pulled towards someone and embraced tightly, face buried into his chest. From the scent of the cologne, he knew it was Kyungil. Without hesitation, he then too wrapped his slim around Kyungil's muscular torso. They both wished to stay together forever. Lowering his head a bit more, Kyungil placed a soft kiss upon the younger one's ear. He released his arms around YiJeong as he guided him over to join the rest of the members. They sang the rest of the song with thankful hearts and headed back to their waiting room. After the makeup artists left the room so they could be alone for a while, they all at once gathered together hugging tighter than ever. Just then, tired of holding it back any longer, Kyungil broke down in tears. It felt as if his heart was going to explode. Kyungil and YiJeong sat down on the couch while the others sat in chairs. Jaeho grabbed the box of tissues off one of the makeup stands. "I'm going to miss you guys," Kyungil said through his trembling voice, dabbing his reddish eyes of the fallen tears. "It won't feel real until it actually happens in 4 days. So, who wants to help cut my hair?" "Hyung!" YiJeong exclaimed, hitting Kyungil's thigh with his fist. The members all pointed to YiJeong saying he was going to help him. "Cry baby will do it for you", Sihyoung said. Seeing a plush pillow next to him, YiJeong took it and threw it towards him. "You're calling me a crybaby when you all cried too? Very funny." Kyungil unexpectedly leaned over to the maknae and deeply kissed him on the cheek. Quickly after he stood up and went over to the others, Dokyun sitting confused while Sihyoung and Jaeho backed away. Before DoKyun could retreat to realize what was happening, the suddenly affectionate leader kissed him on his chubby cheeks.
His arms started wailing in the air as the others laughed at the playful torture. "You guys act like my kisses are going to kill you," Kyungil said with a slight smirk. Looking over at Sihyoung and Jaeho he said cheerfully, "Who's next?" Quickly Jaeho pushes Sihyoung tall slim body toward Kyungil. "You can sacrifice yourself for me, Sihyoung." He snapped his head around, looking at Jaeho bewildered. In the reflection of the mirror he saw Kyungil place a hand on his head and hitting another target. "One left." Jaeho backed up until he ended up in the corner of the counters. "No, he said he'd take your kiss for me." "Oh stop being such a chicken," Kyungil teased. He came at Jaeho, leaned onto him and kissed him lightly. With a single clap, a happy expression appeared on Kyungil's face as Manager Jo came in. "What's going on in here?" Manager Jo asked, looking at each member's faces. "Ah, hyung!" Kyungil said excitedly as he went toward him. "What is-", the manager's words stopped mid-sentence when Kyungil tightly hugged him and then lastly kissed him on his plump cheeks. With a simple pat to Kyungil's broad back, he said, "I'm going to miss you, too. Let's get ready to head back to the dorm." The members gathered up their belongs and headed out the garage. Over the remainder of days, they went out every day and spent time with their leader, capturing photos and remembering all their precious memories together. To them if felt as if their Dad was leaving them. They wanted to forget about the day until actually came. "YiJeong!" Kyungil called to the maknae from the bathroom. He pulled out the hair clippers and trimmer from the hair box underneath the marble counter. YiJeong strolled in, his hair ruffled, a blank look on his face. Grabbing the maknae's hand, Kyungil placed the clippers with the #3 guard into his small hands and sat down on the foldable metal chair. "Go," he commanded, facing the mirror, looking at YiJeong through the reflection. He stood there, hands hesitating to switch on the clippers. He didn't want to do it, but for his hyung he followed his order. The sound of the clippers echoed through the medium-sized bathroom, the vibration pulsating up his right arm. "Okay, I'm doing it", YiJeong replied, a sad tone in his voice. Placing the guard against his tanned neck, he slowly moved the device upward. Clumps of the dark brown hair began making a pile on the floor as he continued. Kyungil felt as if his heart, always happy and cheerful, sunk to the bottom of the dark, cold ocean. He had to come to terms with reality. This was happening. The day is just a few hours away. He'll be dressed in his camo army uniform, eating with men who aren't his members, waking up at the loud voice of his sergeant, going through various training lessons. Worst thing would being separated from the person closest to his heart. The person standing behind him. The clippers were turned off and placed on the counter, the room falling to deep silence again. Running his hands through his now short hair, Kyungil let out a relieved, deep sigh. "Wow." YiJeong, displaying an emotional look, wraps his arms around Kyungil's neck and rested his head close to his face. "Don't go, please," YiJeong said with a weepy voice, a single tear dropping out the well of his eye. "Please." Kyungil stood up and embraced his dongseang, stroking his long fingers through his soft hair. "Don't cry," he said calmly. "Everything will be okay. It'll be okay." YiJeong could hear the sound of his warm heart beating into his ear. He would remember that wonderful sound until he came back safely into his arms. Wishing time could stop so they could stay like this forever, embraced in each other's arms. That night, YiJeong went to sleep with Kyungil as it would be the last night together for a while. The next morning, the members were at the training camp, Kyungil dressed in camo pants he had in his wardrobe and a fitted black long sleeve shirt. YiJeong tightly linked his arm around Kyungil's as they walked closer to what would separate them for two years. Finally reaching the parting point, each member hugged their amazing leader one last time. YiJeong stood looking at the ground, moving his foot nervously around in small circles of the loose dirt. Raising his head with a hand, he looked into YiJeong's tear-filled eyes, a small smile on his bare face. "I'll come back soon, don't worry. I'm going to think of you guys every day and moment until it's done." His light brown eyes twinkled from the bright shining sun. "Keep making great music and I will listen to it all when I get back, okay?" They hugged each other once more. Grabbing his small bag he brought along, he took it from Manager Jo and gave him a comforting hug. "Take care of them well, hyung." With the response of a nod, Kyungil turned his back and began walking toward the entrance the other soldiers were entering. He gave one last wave in the air as walked through the gate. They watched him until the view of his broad back disappeared. "Kyungil hyung will come back strong, just believe," DoKyun said with reassurance in his smooth voice. They walked off to the van as they were now anxiously waiting for the two years to pass and their leader would return stronger and better than ever. 
THE END @twistedPuppy