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I found a super-awesome blog with book´s translated fragments of faith! thank you very much for this amazing girl ... I put the direct link to her website at the end of the post... enjoy!!! Vol 1 excerpts – Part I The below takes place sometime in Episode 2: Eun Soo tries to escape after stitching up the queen but Choi Young stops her. Gong Min appears and the conversation ends with Eun Soo throwing that hilarious tantrum on the floor. This is what happens next (from Choi Young’s point of view)… I stand and watch her departing back. Dae Man shows her to her room and she obediently follows him. She turns back when she reaches the door of the room. Her face is pale. The lips which were as as bright as her hair had also lost its colour. I’m sorry I got her into this… and because of that, I’m feeling more and more uneasy about the whole thing. I must send her back as quickly as possible. My left shoulder remembers the weight. When I had to escort the woman back here…that weight. And that scent. How can such a scent come from a human being? It is because she is a heavenly person? It smells similar to some kind of flower. But I can’t remember what flower it is. And because I can’t remember, I keep thinking about it. It’s a fragrance of a flower that I know… Though I know this whole situation is a nightmare to her, it’s totally different to me. Even from the point we were crossing through heaven’s door. I didn’t know how to handle her…but on the contrary, she dug deeper into my embrace. My left arm remembers the feeling. Her hair…her lips…that scent….I’m increasingly becoming addicted to it… the time spent with that woman when we were crossing through heaven’s door is filling up my memory….I must send her back as soon as possible. Vol 1 excerpts – Part II I’m falling in love with Faith all over again as I’m reading the novel. There are so many lovely moments and precious nuances not filmed or captured in the drama, which is really a shame. I’m not just talking about the loveline, but the whole story in general. The part(s) which I’ve picked today to translate takes place in Episode 2. Choi Young has just saved Eun Soo from her kidnapper by flicking a dagger straight into the heart of the latter. This is from Choi Young’s point-of-view. The moment I saw the heavenly woman’s face, I got goosebumps again. Her pale face devoid of colour…her dishevelled appearance…her lips bleeding on one side. Her hands are probably injured too because they have been tied. Because I have no other outlet to channel my anger for the kidnapper I just killed, I take it out on her. “Look at you! Didn’t I tell you to wait for me? What do you think you are doing running around like that? Just look at you now. Let me take a look…” I wanted to check the injury on her neck, so I reach out to hold her chin. But she stares at my hand. So I let my hand fall. Even if I were to insist on touching her, she would just roughly brush my hand away again. She stood straight, even though she probably had no strength left in her. She stares at me fiercely and her eyes are telling me, “Watch your manners. Back off.” So I say, “Please follow me. I’ve brought a horse with me.” She stomps off but stops, not knowing where to go. As I looked at her, I thought about what she had gone through so far. She had to enter and exit some unknown door, she was brought here by force and had to operate overnight, was dragged around by a bunch of men and had her life threatened. And that injury on her face… When I thought of how she got injured, my heart wavered and fluttered. Again. Even before one commits a sin against heaven, the heart realises it first. This worried, anxious feeling in my heart…I haven’t felt something like this in years. For such a long time…for a really long time, this heart of mine has never felt anything special for anything. Or anybody. Sigh. Absolute loveliness. Vol 1 excerpts – Part III The novel really fills in all the gaps on how and what the OTP felt as they interacted with each other. Love it. Still on Episode 2. Right after Choi Young informs Eun Soo that the queen has woken up from her coma and he is going to escort her back to heaven’s door. Eun Soo’s point-of-view: I don’t know whether I should trust him. I look at the sword strapped on his back. A sword that kills people. He can’t be trusted. I look at his eyes. And those eyes are quietly looking at me. I can trust him…right? Choi Young easily picks her up though she struggles to be let down. His eyes looked as if they were smiling…And I wonder whether it is okay to be carried in this pychopath’s embrace…his two solid arms were like pillars around me. I struggle again and he pretends to drop me saying “If you fall, you’re going to break.” I decided to listen to him and we got on a horse. I started to get uncomfortable as the horse began to move. He noticed and from behind, he asked, ” Are you uncomfortable?” “Yes.” “Just endure a little longer.” came his reply. From his voice, it sounded as if he was smiling, but it cannot be. From Choi Young’s point-of-view: I haven’t felt so good in a long time. Even though she has shed tears, the heavenly woman was strong until the end and I felt a bit more at ease at that. I am glad that I can finally send her back for good. From the moment I carried her over my shoulder in heaven and brought her back, my heart has increasingly been wavering. Once I send her back, I will be able to go back to my original state. Also, once she goes through heaven’s door, she will forget all the hardship she had gone through here. Because she’s a strong woman…therefore, she will forget…right? My thoughts returned to the woman in my arms. Compared to Goryeo women, she was taller. She filled my arms. I remember her flower-like scent. The wind blew her bright hair across my face. I will remember her scent and her hair only. It looks like I’ll think of her in unexpected moments as I carry on with my life. Heaven…the place where she belongs…will not be easily forgotten. They reach heaven’s door and Choi Young asks Eun Soo to go through it. She is skeptical but he assures her she will be able to return to her world. He bows his head deeply at her. Eun Soo’s point-of-view: I turned back and looked pointedly at him. I took a couple of steps towards him, but then halted. I didn’t want to look as if I was frightened to go back. I turn to look at him again. His head was still bowed. Therefore, I couldn’t see his eyes. If I could see his eyes, I think I would know…I will know that I can believe everything that he said. Aaah….the novel is just soooo good. I think Eun Soo was unconsciously attracted and reeled in by Choi Young’s eyes from the beginning. And I don’t blame her – LMH’s eyes said it all and more from the start to finish. They were just so expressive…totally killer. Vol 1 excerpts – Part IV This is the last of what I will be translating for Episode 2…then on to Episode 3! Choi Young has been told to catch Eun Soo and prevent her from leaving Goryeo. It is a royal order. Choi Young’s point-of view: Whatever was left holding my heart together snapped. I turned behind to take a look. She was still standing there and looking at me, but she suddenly started towards heaven’s door. A royal command? With my long legs, I caught up with her in a second and caught hold of her. I held her arms as she resisted and fought me with all her strength. I was worried she might get injured, so I drove my sword into the ground beside me. I went behind her and wrapped my arms around her. A royal command? My brain wasn’t really aware of what I was doing now, but I held on to the heavenly woman. Before my heart could react to the command, my body reacted and moved first. The door disappears and Eun Soo is fumbling around trying to locate it. When I saw her going back and forth in front of heaven’s door, my heart felt like a wreck. When I heard it was a royal command, it was my broken-down heart that grabbed her. As if she was a lifeline. It was a mistake. A very, very big mistake. Be it the fact that I followed the royal command or broke my oath to the heavenly woman. To tell the truth, it was not because I wanted to obey the royal command that I did what I did. My heart was in a staggering state, and as the owner of that heart, I don’t know why I caught the woman in front of me, but I did. My heart shouldn’t have wavered or stumbled, but out of reflex, I grabbed and held her back. Because of this one moment, the heavenly woman is stuck on this land. “You bastard!” I turned around and saw her looking at me with shock and despair. Her huge eyes were filled with tears. I held my breath and stared at her. Don’t forgive me. I beg you from the bottom of my heart. My eyes followed her as she went towards my sword. That’s right, I urged her. Remember, heavenly woman. I staked my life as a price in my oath to you. Remember that. She walked towards me, dragging the heavy sword with two hands. “You promised you would send me back. Psycho. Murderer.” I see. The heavenly word “psycho” means murderer. She’s right. And she has the absolute right to call me that and go ahead with what she intends to do. She runs towards him with her head down, as if afraid to look at what she was going to do. I place myself right in her path and she pierces me with the sword. I grab her hands and drive the sword further into myself. The ‘qi’ in my body clashes with the sword. I’m sorry, heavenly woman. Eun Soo’s point-of-view: I caught and supported him as he collapsed. I couldn’t believe what just happened. He could have avoided me, but he didn’t. Why? “We are even now, right?” What was he saying? All I could think of was that I had stabbed a person. I had killed a person… My hands trembled, holding him as he lay on the ground. No, not yet. He’s not going to die. His breath. His pulse. I can feel everything. No, not yet. After reading this portion, I realised LMH played out every emotion to sublime perfection in that scene. In his signature restrained manner, no less. And the fact that he instinctively held her back from leaving was actually beyond following royal orders? Awesome. Vol 1 excerpts – Part V Ironically, though translating excerpts from the Faith novel burns out a fair amount of my brain cells, it strangely has a rather calming effect on me. Even on a harried work trip. Maybe it’s because I love the drama so much and learning the background story to the various scenes just makes me love it more. And I’m happy to know there are still Faith fans out there who are equally interested in learning more of the story. Thank you for all your kind comments :)  This segment takes place after Eun Soo pierces Choi Young. The Woodalchi (royal bodyguards of which Choi Young is the captain) are carrying him back to the inn to get treated. Choi Young has just told Eun Soo that she didn’t stab him – he allowed himself to get stabbed. Eun Soo’s point-of-view: I could see the expression in his eyes: it was one that showed he was going to give up totally. When I saw that, I became more frightened. “Hey you.” I fixed him with an unwavering stare. I refused to back off. I bent toward his ear. “I’m going to save you. And since I’m going to save you, don’t you dare think of leaving. Do you get me?” He didn’t move or react. But at that moment, I saw his eyes flicker with indecision. He was still conscious. My heart strangely wavered when I saw his eyes. In a bid to control my wavering heart, I purposely shouted at those around me. “Light up all the candles! Make this place as bright as possible!” Choi Young’s point-of-view: I opened my eyes for a second. That woman was not going to give up, was she? I was slowly losing consciousness, but I could still hear the voices of the woman and the royal doctor. My eyes closed again. I was going back to a deeper, darker place. The woman’s voice was drifting further and further away. When Jo Il Shin said to abandon me with the sword pierced and leave, I almost smiled. I see. This is the way. To die with the sword that has been beside me every day for the past seven years isn’t a bad way to go. I felt better when I thought of that. But that woman stubbornly refused to give up. Ah, so annoying. Does she really think she can save me? Despite my strong protests, she is one who refuses to listen to what I have to say. Her bright red hair…and that fragrance. Those were my last thoughts before I slipped into unconsciousness. CONTINUE... ALL CREDITS TO (Kamsahamida unnie, please check her page)
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