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OMG!! SECOND PART... IM SO EXCITED!! EUNSOO AND DAEJANG TRUE LOVE!! I WANT TO CRY!! Vol 1 excerpts – Part VI We’ve arrived at the part right after Eun Soo spent the whole night fixing up Choi Young’s stab wound. He wakes up… Choi Young’s point-of-view: I saw the woman on the chair near the bed. She was sleeping soundly, despite the cold air of dawn. Her bright hair was sticking in messy strands around her face. She looked exhausted…did she spend the entire night sitting there…watching over me? I don’t feel relieved even though I have woken up. I needed to go downstairs to take a look. The white cloth binding my abdomen impeded my movement. Looking at the way it is wrapped, it was probably done by the heavenly woman. I didn’t want to wake her up from her deep sleep, so I carefully got down from the bed… We skip to a segment not filmed at all in the drama. Apparently, they travelled by sea at one point in time from the inn to the palace in Goryeo. Choi Young’s point-of-view: The weather continues to be good. I think we will reach Goryeo earlier than planned. I looked as the queen and the heavenly woman disembarked from the boat. Because of the nausea caused from being at sea, her complexion was pallid. When she turned to look in my direction, I dropped my gaze. I was enduring all I could not to do something about her. Even if she stabbed me one more time, I would have nothing to say to her. But from her actions, I think she has temporarily forgotten all her grudges against me. During the journey by sea, with the rocking boat and nausea, she definitely couldn’t be feeling well. But she tried to come and find me many times. Clutching her bag she had brought from heaven to her chest, she told others to pass on the message to me that she had to check and treat my wound. They escorted her to me once, but for the rest of the time, I ordered that she was not to come anywhere near me. After one night I refused to see her and sent her back, I saw her the next morning standing near the stern of the ship. Strong winds were blowing, the ship was rocking violently…wasn’t she worried standing there? I hid behind a pillar and watched her, just in case she was in danger of falling over. She was looking at the sea. The wind was blowing her hair and she was lit up by the bright morning sun. As I watch her standing there, I started to worry. Will she be able to survive on this land? What if she couldn’t endure living in another land for a long time? The more I thought about it, the more worried I became. At the moment, her figure disappeared for a while, but I realised she was still there when the sun shone on her again in the next moment. I felt relieved all of a sudden. She had to continue to exist so that I can keep my promise to her. If she collapsed somewhere and vanished, I wouldn’t be able to keep my promise. And if that happened, that guilt would be weighing my heart like a stone for the rest of my life. Jang Bin, the royal doctor came to look for me. He reported the heavenly woman was so worried about me that she was getting angry with me. But Jang Bin still refused to let her see me. He knew how I felt, so he didn’t search me out again. Another lovely insight into Choi Young’s feelings…I will post Eun Soo’s point-of-view in my next instalment! Vol 1 excerpts – Part VII They are heading towards the palace. Eun Soo is in a horse carriage again. I was still suffering from a headache due to the journey by sea. I had tried seeking him out on the boat a few times, but was rejected. Twice, thrice…I tried to find him, only to be stopped by those arrogant men of his. That’s right. Why would a person who wanted to die want to do with the very person who stabbed him then saved him? Every time I look at him, I think he is a psychopath. But every time I look at him, I feel like killing myself for almost becoming a killer. Why am I this way? What am I going to do? How did I become like this? No matter how much I think about it, I can’t believe whatI did. I had stabbed someone with a sword with my own hands. “Imja didn’t do this.” Those were his words. That’s right. Though I was intending to stab him as I was running towards him, I didn’t have the confidence to pierce him deep. I didn’t know how deep I was going to stab him. I was simply acting without much thought. I didn’t know the sword would be so effective. I didn’t know the armour, which looks so thick, could be so easily pierced through by the sword. Despite not knowing all that, I just picked up the sword and ran towards him. That man just accepted the sword and drove it deeper into himself. For a second then, my senses returned. Why did he do that? Did he really want to die? Whatever it is, I have to meet him. And when I meet him, we need to talk. Above all else, I wanted to check on his post-op wound, which I am very worried about. The fact that no antibiotics were used and the danger of infection scared me. Therefore, I want to ask him how he is. Also, I want to ask him why he didn’t avoid my sword. Why must he do that in front of me. And…I want to ask him why he said those words…”Imja didn’t do this.” I remember the strong hand that grabbed the collar of my shirt. At that moment, we were so close that our breaths were mingling…I remember all that. His nice, quiet voice is still vivid in my thoughts. Though his face was contorted with pain, he still talked with strength. Since then, those words have been echoing around me, covering and surrounding me. Vol 1 excerpts – Part VIII I finally ordered Volume 2! It should be nicely tucked away in the belly of some cargo plane right now, making its way towards me. And since I’m almost done with translating excerpts from Volume 1, I should be working on Volume 2 within the next couple of weeks. Choi Young is thinking of his father and “talking” to him. They have returned to the palace and he is hiding somewhere trying to heal himself via his qi. “Father, I can’t do this anymore. I have done everything that I can.” He is referring to his duty to country. I have repaid every single debt that I have owed…except that last one to the heavenly woman. Once I have repaid my debt to her, I can leave this world. Because of that, I have to keep on living. I take off my armour and start using my qi to work on the wound. I saw that it has gotten infected. The heavenly woman with the bright hair…I have to send her back…I owe her that. Don’t tell me she is somewhere crying? Her eyes, filled with tears, like a child… We skip to the part where Choi Young is peeping at Eun Soo through the door. She is at the medical department. I heard her voice and realised she was in one of the rooms. I could see her through the slits in the door. “Yeobuseyo? Hello? Is there anyone here?” She looked as she wanted someone to guide her somehow. I continued to hide behind the door and stare at her though the slits. I just acted instinctively – not really knowing why I was doing this. When no one replied her, she started talking in a louder voice. ” What is this? If you escort someone here, you have to at least show the person around. It would be good if I could wash up. Where’s the restroom? Why isn’t anyone giving me food? They were suppose to give me some!” I started smiling without actually being aware I was doing so. What a relief. She wasn’t crying. Though she always seem to be complaining she was in some kind of pain, her voice was still loud and clear. She was still using heavenly words to swear. She was still as lively as ever. But I still flinched. She raised her leg up. Ah. I could see she had hurt her knee. Without reservations, she suddenly pulled her pants up to her knee. In a flash, I could see her pale-skinned leg and I quickly lowered my head and turned away. I could her voice through the door, “Ahhhh.. so painful.” On hearing that, I replied in my heart, “That’s why you should be more careful.” But I didn’t say it aloud. I didn’t really dare to say that face-to-face and there’s wasn’t a need to anyway. If I appear in front of her again, she might try to grab my wrist again. I don’t want to go near her anymore. With that thought, I raised my head to look at her again. She was sitting there alone, with a forlorn and pathetic expression on her face. But though her face was forlorn, those eyes of hers were still very bright. Those eyes of hers…it would be better if I don’t remember them… She looked like she’s doing fine. I plan to send a couple of woodalchi over to guard her. She started grumbling about her pants and tried to repair it herself. Because of this annoying woman, while I am being weighed down by what I have to do, I’m confused and bewildered but I forgot about my pain from the wound for a short while. I even forgot about the tasks lined up that I have to do for the new king. I didn’t realise that I was unconsciously being affected by her. Vol 1 excerpts – Part IX I’ve added a section just for Faith novel translations. I’ll just add to that page once I have posted new excerpts. So if you guys wanna read all the excerpts in one go, just click on that page. This part comes before Eun Soo barges into the Woodalchi base to check on Choi Young’s wound… Eun Soo’s point of view: The day was going to end, yet there was still no news from that Psycho. I had nothing to do, so I was prowling around the medical department. Why is he not coming? My high heels were ruined so I couldn’t wear them. Thus, my pants keep touching the ground. I looked for a pair of scissors and when I found one, I started to cut my pants. After I was done, it had become short pants. Why is he not coming? I can’t go sulking to Jang Bin again. This can’t go on. I’ll have to find my way to him. Just waiting like that is not my style. I grabbed my bag and left the medical department. Choi Young’s point-of-view: I saw Choong Seok looked towards the entrance. One by one, the Woodalchi started to stare at the entrance. Dol Bae was about to whistle but stopped himself. I looked in the direction of the entrance. Standing at the entrance and entering into the hall was the heavenly doctor. But her pants…they were cut to the thigh and below that… Askance, I rose from my sleeping position and sat up, unable to believe I was seeing. I think this was the first time I was encountering this kind of situation. In a place with many men, the base of Woodalchi, the heavenly woman walked in, her legs all bare. I know what was going on in the minds of my men as they stared at her…what kind of thoughts they had… At the thought of that, I started to feel dizzy. The heavenly woman ignored all the stares, her eyes searched around and her gaze finally landed directly on me. Eun Soo’s point of view: From the second I saw him, my heart felt as it had taken a deep drop. He was there. Though my heart felt it was squeezing in from all over, he was sitting there looking fine. No, he didn’t look fine. His expression was dark, but he looked as if he was dying. He didn’t know how worried I was. I was so worried he had collapsed somewhere alone, with no around, and without anyone knowing. I needed time to let my heart go back to normal and also because I feared that he would reject me again, I decided to talk in a light, casual tone. “When I was a resident intern, there was one I learnt that I liked. That patients would come and find me by themselves. I didn’t have to go and find them.” He didn’t move a muscle, and just sat up there and stared down at me. The thought of climbing up to get to him was painful. Coming all the way here to find him was already considered a reckless idea, I was thinking whether to back off. “Please come down here for awhile.” He didn’t say anything and just continued staring at me. “Didn’t you hear me? I said to come down for awhile. And please take off your shirt.” He didn’t react all, but I heard gasps behind me. I wasn’t going to turn around. I just had to do my job as a doctor for a little longer, thought it felt a little dangerous. Therefore I had no choice – I reluctantly climbed up to where he was. He didn’t want to come to me? Fine, then I’ll go to him. No big deal. When I reached his side, I tried to catch hold of his wrist, but he slapped my hand away. his touch felt very unkind. Without realising, I jerked up my head to look at him. I just had to do my job as a doctor, I had to be calm. The problem was my wounded patient. He didn’t look as if he was going to survive and live for long. I hugged my bag tightly, with my breath hitched, I asked him again. “I’m not going to hold your hand. I just want to take your pulse. I won’t hold your hand, so don’t worry.” I reached for his wrist again, but he avoided me and stood up… Choi Young goes on to reprimand his men for letting her into their quarters and he starts to head towards the door, intending to leave… Eun Soo’s point of view: All the time he was scolding his men, not once did he turn around and look at me. From the moment we got onto the boat to get here, from the time we got off the boat until now, he never looked straight at me even once at all. When I talked to him, he ignored him. When I try to touch his hand, I get hit. I walked down the stairs, threw my bag in his direction and screamed at him. “You crazy bastard! What did I do so wrong?” He turned around. “I was someone who was living and eat well. You caught and brought me here!” Everything that was in my bag had fallen out. He simply started to pick up the things. He was looking at me with a shocked expression in his eyes. He looked almost child-like at the moment. I felt tears welling up in my eyes. I told myself I couldn’t cry. But when I talked, I could hear the tears in my voice. Eun Soo goes on to say how much she misses her world and how mistreated she has felt by him… Choi Young’s point of view: The heavenly woman started coming towards me again. I didn’t know what to do and just watched as she came towards to me. I started to go off again. But she kept coming towards me… I couldn’t translate this scene in one post…way too much feelings and emotions flying around between the two of them. But I’ll finish up this scene in my next post then it will on to Volume 2! Vol 1 excerpts – Part X We continue from the previous part I posted. Eun Soo apologises for stabbing Choi Young and is pleading with him to let her treat his wound. Choi Young’s point-of-view: The heavenly woman was almost whimpering now in her plea to ask me to receive treatment. Something within me started to build up and rise. I threw her bag which I had picked up earlier back on to the floor and without realising it myself, I strode towards her and stood in front of her. I grabbed hold of her shoulders and started to push her backwards – I had no intention of halting in any way. It was only when her back hit the pillar that she stopped moving. She was now looking at me with shock in her eyes. I could see from her eyes she was just barely holding on to her composure. I took my hands off her and straightened my body. I turned around to take a look. Choong Seok was staring at me, together with the other Woodalchi. Choong Seok was the first one to regain his senses and ordered the men to retreat and leave the room. I waited for the door to close. They have seen something they shouldn’t have seen. I wasn’t doing this for myself – I was doing it for her. When I turned back again, she was still standing in the same position. She was looking at me, with tear-filled eyes. What in the world was it about this woman’s eyes that pierces me with magnetism? I stood still. Because were we standing so close together, she was frightened. And that made me feel more offended. When she tried to escape from the side, I slammed my arm against the pillar to prevent her doing so. As we know, Choi Young argues that Eun Soo should have just left him to die at heaven’s door, to which she retaliates that no one would do such a ridiculous thing. She says he can die anytime due to blood poisoning and he orders her to shut her gap or he’ll do it himself. Choi Young’s point of view: At my words, she did shut up and just stared at me. I stared at those defenceless lips and that moment, I gave up. I couldn’t do this any longer. The close proximity between us…that fragrance of hers was swirling around me and filling me…I couldn’t take it anymore. I straightened up my body again and turned around. It took a few steps before I could start breathing easily again… I order her not to go near places with men only again. A breeze blows and I am drawn back to the sight of her bare legs. Fed up, I stretch my arm out to block her way as she is leaving. ” I don’t know how people dress in heaven, but here on earth…” She grabbed my wrist and when I tried to shake her loose, she refused to let go. She used her other hand to touch her forehead and I assume she was trying to estimate my temperature. Her face begin to show signs of worry. ” It feels like it is over 38 degrees…” Because of this woman, I became flustered. She dug around in her bag and fished out something. “I’m giving you my aspirin. You can use this for headaches, fever, etc…Eat two pills, three times a day. It won’t be much of a big help, but still…” She stretched out her hand and I could it was a transparent bottle. Her head was bowed so I couldn’t see her expression. Therefore, I didn’t want to take the bottle. I wanted to see whether she was crying or have regained her composure. That was the only way I could feel assured. With her bowed and her voice trembling as she talked, I didn’t know what to do with her. Don’t tell me she was really worried for me? She mumbled something as she held out the bottle to me. I couldn’t hear what she was saying. And I couldn’t resist asking her. “What did you say?” She finally raised her head and looked at me. She looked like a reluctant, hesitant child. “Don’t die.” What?? “I said don’t die. Even though I know you’re a psycho, what would happen to me if you die and leave me all alone? Therefore, please…” That reluctant woman stared at me. I couldn’t move after hearing her words, so she took my hand and placed the bottle in it. Her cool hand brushed my warm hand like petals of a flower. But instead of her hand, the bottle was left resting in my palm. When I finally regained my senses and composure, she was already at the door. She stepped outside and the door closed. I lowered my hand. My hand began to tremble – there was no strength left in it. I held on tightly to the bottle and collapsed, sitting on the floor. I gripped the floor tightly, while looking at the bottle. The transparent little bottle with the medicine inside. The woman who gave me this bottle had said to me. As if she knew everything. DON’T DIE. And that’s the end of Volume 1! Great ending, huh? I loved, loved this last scene to bits because it shed so much light on Choi Young’s conflicting emotions and confusion over Eun Soo. Unfortunately, there has been a problem with the shipment of my Volume 2, thus I can’t start translating that yet. But I would definitely start working on it once G-Market figures out how my Faith Novel Volume 2 morphed into a set of pyjamas. I kid you not. But the good people there say they’ll rectify the mystery order swap soon. So please be patient! Thanks so much! Vol 1 excerpts – Part XI Since I still haven’t gotten my Volume 2, I figured I would translate a few other parts from Volume 1 that I didn’t plan to initially as they were a little too piecemeal. But I figured I’ll just post them anyway. The following excerpts are taken from different scenes. The first time Choi Young saw Eun Soo at the seminar. He’s trying to get a good look at her face, but she keeps turning back and forth from the projector. Choi Young’s point of view: A that moment, the woman in front of the moving picture came into full sight. Did that sweet voice belong to her? It was a very sing-song voice – it frequently went high and low. Her fingers looked flexible. All that was left to inspect were her eyes. Everyone in the room started to turn around to look at me. Finally , she saw me. And stared straight into my eyes. Those sparkling eyes looked at me in wonder. I held my breath, faced her and returned her stare. Eun Soo has just finished complaining to her friend over the phone about how her seminar was ruined by a drama extra (she is referring to Choi Young) who barged in. Eun Soo’s point of view: I suddenly thought of the extra I saw earlier. I could recall those pair of eyes very clearly and accurately. Impossible. Instead of that ridiculous armour he was wearing, I realised his eyes left a much more lasting impression on me. My head started throbbing again. Those eyes were just so very deep. He wasn’t just looking at my face – those were eyes that had the ability to look deep inside a person and know everything with just one look. What was wrong with me? I probably wasn’t thinking straight because of my headache. Now we arrive at the part when they are in front of heaven’s door in present-time Seoul. Eun Soo begs Choi Young to let her go and not to kill her. He says he won’t, but she claims she has already seen his face and in the movies, kidnappers kill victims who have seen their faces. She is crying in desperation now. Choi Young’s point of view: When I saw her crying, I felt bad. She was crying like a child. Tears were rolling down her cheeks, while fresh tears gathered in her eyes. I don’t know what came over me, but I said those words to her. I really did. I had absolutely no prior intention of declaring such words, but the words left my mouth first even before I could think about it. “I’m Choi Young, a warrior of Goryeo. In my name as a warrior, I’ll risk my life to ensure I send you back here again. This is a vow.” I went in front of the retreating woman again, who suddenly passed out, staggering and stumbling. In her present state, I encircled her waist and held her in a hug. The next moment, we stepped through the door and were hurtling through the tunnel. Eun Soo’s point of view: This was the first time I was descending from a high place. I opened my eyes, but the surroundings were so bright that that I closed my eyes again. I must have fainted. I have never fainted in my entire life. Someone was holding my waist and hugging me close. So I really did faint. I was dying in fear so I dug myself deeper into the embrace of whoever was hugging me and held on tighter. The descent was taking too long. ALL CREDITS TO (GOD BLESS YOU UNNIE, check her page and please write to her a comment)
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