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Once upon at time, there was a man called Nam Goong Min hired as the male lead on a romantic comedy series called Unemployment Romance (literal title: Unemployment Benefits Romance). So there he was one summer afternoon reading his script with his cast mates when – SMACK – the female lead, Lee Young Ah, kisses him. So what does he do? He turns red. How cute. It looks like they’ll have a lot of fun filming this drama. Unemployment Romance is about a writer, Seung Hee, who lives off unemployment benefits while she dreams of her big break. Her first love, Jong Dae, works at the unemployment benefits office. It’s a 10-episode drama on the E Channel starring actors who aren’t exactly unknown but let’s just say they don’t have the highest number of fangirls. It makes me wonder if it will get subbed. The first episode airs on October 5th.