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CNBLUE will release a photobook called "BLUE TRAVEL". This is the first photobook since CNBLUE's debut, and the entire shooting took place in Australia. Filled with shots from the trip in the exotic place, people, and language of Australia, photos for 'BLUE TRAVEL' was taken with the four members JYH, LJH, KMH, and LJS on several themes like Nostalgia, Shelter, Experience, and Healing. These themes also represent what "travel" means to each member. Readers can appreciate new images from CNBLUE who embarked on a sentimental trip to various exotic settings such as desert, sea, meadow, and park. 180 pages in total, the photobook will include a BTS DVD that recorded the lively atmosphere on set, along with members' own hand-written messages and autographed postcards that will be randomly distributed. Highly anticipated, CNBLUE's first photobook 'BLUE TRAVEL' will be published on the 26th, and pre-order will begin on Sept. 5th.