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Summary: Given the chance to save the man you love.
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"You!" You yelled whilst pointing at the mysterious man. "Do you know this man Y/N?" Your father questioned. You notice Jin giving you a cold death stare, "N-No well actually...I uh saw him outside and thought of it as odd and saw him suspicious. Surprised that he's here that's all." You cleared your throat as you sat back down. "Well this man here is to be your guard from now on."
"Guard? For what? Daddy I have plenty." Your father then stood up from his chair and sat next to you patting your back, "I know sweety but I am planning to do politics and it'll get more dangerous for you. Considering you're all the family I have left since your brother and mother died." You looked at the concerned look on your father's face. You were too young to even remember how your mother had looked let alone how your brother looked. But you remember clear as day how depressed and full of anxiety your father was after their death. Practically locking you in the house,"Okay. I'll agree to it since its so important to you." Your father smiled as he kissed you forehead, "I love you sweety...I won't let anything happen to you."
"Anyways this man here will guard you until I know it's safe." You nodded as your father dismissed you, "I thought you said no one can know about you so why did you take a job as my guard." He laughed, "Only you can see my true form Y/N right now everyone sees me as a blond and blue eyed trained veteran from the US." You and Jin pass by a mirror and you notice that he was right. You saw him as a pink haired man in his 20s but the man in the mirror was blonde probably in his 20s too. "Heh. Interesting."
"So you met lover boy huh?" You nodded as you looked down on the red carpet,"And he has a name." He chuckled. "How was it?" You looked up at him and tears started to roll down your cheeks, "I wanted to hold him. Kiss him. Hug him...but I couldn't...I thought about it too Jin..."
He seemed flustered at your sudden water works,"Thought about what?" You sighed and took a deep breath,"Maybe the only way to save everyone from their horrible fate is to never be with him. Maybe he will never die if I was never a part of his life. Maybe just me suffering from knowing what could've been is enough?" To your surprise Jin gently placed his hands on your cheeks, "Don't say that...I gave you a second chance to be happy. I can't give you any hints but just think carefully the answer is closer than you think." You wiped the tears and smiled at Jin, "Thanks Jin...I just hope that I can find that answer..."
"Sorry to interrupt Miss but you have a letter." You nodded at the maid as she handed you a letter in a red envelope,"Thank You." She bowed as she dismissed herself, "A letter? I have never received these before." Jin gave the letter in your hands a curious look."Maybe because Namjoon has always revised your mail?" You nodded,"Oh yeah."
"Well open it."
"Alright." You broke the seal on the envelope and read the letter out loud.
'I saw you at the party today. You were beautiful in that dress. I wanted to caress you. But I was not happy with the way you were looking at that playboy. You're mine remember that.'
You flipped the letter over praying for a name or even a hint of who the person might be but you got nothing. "Who could've sent this?" You ran your fingers through your hair,"I don't know but this person was at the party so if we can maybe work with that information. Jin find me the list of guests that attended including their guards."
Jin nodded as he left. You made your way to your room and went straight to your bed. You closed your eyes,"Just for a while."
"Flowers? Really Jimin?" He laughed as he pushed your hair behind your ear, "What are you talking about?" You gave him a puzzled look,"Those bouquets aren't they from you?" He shook his head,"Huh. I guess you have a secret admirer Y/N."
You rolled your eyes,"Well it doesn't matter because you're all I want Mr. Park. Ji. Min."
"Good." He said as he leaned in for a kiss and you giggled as you dodged it, "Let's go, dinner is ready, Jimin." Before you can head to the kitchen he grabs you by the wrist and pulls you in placing his right hand on your cheek as he went for a gentle but passionate kiss. The passionate kiss left you gasping for air once he pulled away.
"I love you Y/N." You softly pecked his lips, "I love you too Jimin." He gave you the best smile he had. The one that caused the corners of his eyes to crinkle. You smiled back at him as you held his hand and headed for the kitchen for dinner.
You opened your eyes and immediately turned your head towards the pink digital clock on the corner of your side table. It read 8:15 pm. "Shit..." You jolted out of bed and headed for the kitchen but you stumbled by a red box with a gold ribbon left by your bedroom door. "What the?"

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