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Click here to play the game!!!
My costume....ha yes tiger is a tiger!!!!
His costume.....even better I see a white Tiger across the room lol
The party setting.
How we meet....of course friends introduce us.
How we say goodbye...with a cute hug.
What is my answer when he asks me on a date.
hmmm on our next date...we excercise....hmm that could be fun.
Alrighty story time!!!! "Come on Sarah you look fine." Dani called out "Are you sure? This isn't too sexy?" I asked "Why does it matter if it's too sexy or not, you look good." Jenni said. "Ok so we are all dressed as our spirit animals. This is pretty awesome." I said looking at my two friends Jenni was in a panda costume and Dani was in a penguin costume. This was the best Halloween so far. We finally left my place and ended up at the party. Now it was a lot smaller than we thought but there was still a good amount of people there. I walked in behind the two and stopped. "Omo guys!" I grabbed onto the two. "What?" They both asked "That guy right there....he's in a tiger costume too." I was smiling. "That's Chanyeol." Dani said looking at me. "Is he friends with Kyungsoo?" I asked "Yup, he's so sweet. Should I introduce you to him?" Dani asked with a smile. Before I could answer we were heading his way. "Chanyeol!" Dani yelled and he turned around with a smile on his face. "Hi Dani how are you?" He asked "I'm great but this is my friend Sarah I figure you both like tigers and would hit it off real well." She said moving me closer to him. "Hi there." I smiled and held out my hand. "Hi" He laughed and took my hand in his. "I like tigers." I said still smiling like an idiot. "Me too." He said and we ended up spending the rest of the evening together talking about anything and everything. "Sarah we have to go now." Jenni said stopping me from talking. "Oh ok....well maybe I'll see you around." I said and turned to walk away. "Wait! Do you want to go on a date with me?" He asked and I turned around to answer him. "Yes, I'd love to." He quickly pulled out her phone and handed it to me. "Can I have your number?" He said with a cute, shy smile and I handed him my phone as I took his. After that exchange H walked me to the door. "I'll call you later." He said pulling me into a hug. I hugged him back and then I left. "So?" Jenni and Dani said as we walked away. "We're going to go on a date." I said and turned started giggling. "Oh I wonder what kind of date you'll have?" Jenni asked.


Chanyeol: Hey what is your take on excercise? Me: Depends on the activity but I'm not against it. Chanyeol: Good I have a great idea for our date, I hope you like it. Me: No running please. Chanyeol: No running :) "So an excercise date huh?" I said out loud. "Oh that will be fun" Dani said
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