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wow... !! love love master's sun and couldn't wait for the next episode tonight!! who else is excited for their kiss? although it's a kiss to make the spirit inside tae gong shil to get out of her body... still... it's a kiss between the 2 of them.. and it took them 2 hours to shoot that kiss which will only last a few second... lol @yinofyang.. i know you're watching this too... @cheerfulcallie.. you should definitely see this.. worth the watch.. @neaa.. @relinashinee... @katieloide... are you guys watching this too?
@nylamrehs ok thnxz, il defz hav to watch dis XD
I died like seven times...cuz thats the number of times I rewatched that kiss...OMG..."so pay attention and then get lost" I LOVE YOU SO MUCH SJS
hi ana... yup studies are important but just to let you know this drama is definitely worth the wath... ^^
Nope, I have not watched it although until all my studies finished then I will definately watch it :D
@najiko... yes.. me too... after every episode you really want the next ep to come soon... you crave for more.... i'm glad that .the fiancee didn't stay for long.. and am glad that the marriage plan is just fake... but kang woo is pitiful here.. wish he has a happy ending in this drama... but yay for our OTP...^^
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