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THE MASTER'S SUN so cute!!
@nylamrehs completely true. This drama make me dreaming of man maxing between joonn won funny caring, feelings that he always try to hide and language candy kindness
@nonabisi... yup... the OST that gummy sung was good too.. day and night... @christy.. this drama is really awesome.. we were we were scared by the ghost, moved by taeyang's problem and tears and when she discovered that one special person who serves as her breathing hole... frustrated with joong won's indifference and denial... we pitied kang woo who like taeyang.. and we know that he's gonna be heartbroken in the end... in other words this drama is just so amazing that we are engrossed by it.. every character seems so true that we are carried away by the story... 2 thumbs up!!
This drama is the real model of romance
I am waiting for kiss she can aware
@christy @nylamrehs that was episode 8 right? that was so moovinggg she felt something tinkling in her heart ahhhh so cute this whole drama is just amazing and the ost song played by hyuri is awsome
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