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“Mandatory Military Service” are probably the three most despised words in a Kpop fan’s vocabulary. The very mention of the term, immediately invokes a cringe and causes fans to cry, wail, and panic. Why? As we all know, Kpop fans are one of the most dedicated and die-hard groups of fans in the world, so when their favorite artist has to serve his military service, naturally they become quite upset. Two years without new albums, tours, or seeing them perform on music shows can be quite traumatic for some fans. But still, the purpose of the conscription is important and meaningful to the Koreans; for the defense of the country and largely seems as a transition stage of manhood from a boy to a man. As a Kpop artist embarks on his journey into the Korean military, fans go to every length and distance to show their support by starting support campaigns and even “Countdown Till Release” time clock sites. “Who’s in” and “who’s getting out soon” are very hot topics among the fan community,
@Siennabebs i thought it was goin to be soon it's a relief that we still have 2 years so i should plan my trio to seoul before that :)))
at the age of 3O oppa will enter the Military Service.. & he also admit that.. so we all have 2years Left.. :(( gonna miss Oppa 2 years of NO DRAMA/ Endorsement/Concert/Activity ect.. when im think of it i feel so DOWN :(
i salute this rule of korea, they really love thier country,,,
don't go.. Please. .
Lee min ho I can't belive it
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