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The list of 11 good fried chicken restaurant in US
This list is, of course, completely subjective, and maybe even somewhat capricious. That said, it does attempt to survey the full spectrum of great chicken styles I have so far experienced, at their very best. —J.O. 1. Restaurant Eugene, Atlanta: A mind-bending chicken cooked in a cocktail of savory animal fats. 2. JCT. Kitchen & Bar, Atlanta: Stripped-down, urbane, brilliant. Enlarge Image Iain Bagwell for The Wall Street JCT. Kitchen & Bar in Atlanta 3. Prince's Hot Chicken Shack, Nashville: The once and future Hot Chicken. Bring a first-aid kit. 4. Charles' Country Pan-Fried Chicken, New York: May be the best chicken north of the Mason-Dixon. 5. A-Frame, Los Angeles: Not quite Southern, not quite Korean, wholly Roy Choi. 6. Roscoe's House of Chicken and Waffles, Los Angeles: So good, a man was lured to his death with the promise of it in "Jackie Brown." 7. Willie Mae's Scotch House, New Orleans: Jaw-dropping crispness and lightness at a NOLA landmark. 8. MilkWood, Louisville, Ky.: Spicy adobo chicken and waffles give Roscoe's a run for their money. 9. Ad Hoc, Yountville, Calif.: Considered by many the country's greatest chicken, care of chef Thomas Keller. 10. The Country Cat, Portland, Ore.: Boneless chicken thighs pan-fried in beef tallow. Go immediately. 11. Husk, Charleston, S.C.: You have to order it 48 hours ahead, and it's worth it. Best I ever had. Follow the link to read more about article.
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Willie maes scotch house is amazing
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