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On 6th, Kim Hyun Joong opened his official weibo account at 10am. (Weibo is a Chinese social network that is similar to Twitter.) During his previous press conference in Chengdu, he has hinted the fans that he will be opening a Weibo account to interact more with Chinese fans. Keeping his words, his official account is created this morning, and was immediately welcomed by thousands of fans online. Within 10 minutes, number of followers has exceeded 10 thousands on weibo, and in an hour’s time, his followers amount simply tripled. Kim Hyun Joong has recorded a greeting video and shared the video on his weibo account, the video received thousands of reposts and comments, the overwhelming response clearly showed his sky-high popularity. What’s more surprising is his followers are not from China alone, but also from many parts of the world, such as Korea, Japan, Singapore and Thailand, etc. Foreign fans have been registering for an account on weibo ever since Hyun Joong revealed that he is going to open a weibo account. Although there is language barrier for fans from other countries, but because of Kim Hyun Joong, this barrier seems to be insignificant. In the video, Kim Hyun Joong expressed his gratitude towards his fans and said that he will be sharing his life and photos actively even if he is busy with overseas activities. In the meanwhile, Kim Hyun Joong will be staging his asia tour concerts in Shanghai and Beijing this weekend. Source :