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Ah, Seoul. As I enjoy my time here, I thought I'd write a little article about why the Kdrama capital is just so amazing. Here are some reasons why you should move to Seoul (or at least visit!) from my own experiences: 1. It's one of the safest cities in the world! Seoul is one seriously safe city. Even during night time, bright lights and crowds of people fill the streets, making it a less ominous walk home. Not to mention, taxis run at all hours of the night, allowing you to quickly get home if you don't feel like walking. During the day, it's not uncommon to see five-year-olds walking around by themselves or riding on the subway alone. Of course, there are still small crimes such as thefts as in any city, but you can certainly feel very safe in Seoul. 2. There are coffee shops.....EVERYWHERE! Okay, this one is a little ridiculous. In many parts of the city, it's difficult to walk even ten steps without running into a coffee shop. There are so many coffee chains here, that it's an intense challenge to even try them all. While most of theses shops are just clones of each other with different names, there are a few unique ones, so be sure to try them all! The insides of cafes are a really nice place to get work done or go on a date! If you're a caffeine addict, Seoul is for you! 3. There is K-pop...EVERYWHERE! Where are my Kpop fans? Seoul provides you with completely free background music as you walk, no matter where you are! In shopping districts especially, it's almost impossible to walk around without hearing an abundance of Kpop playing, sometimes more than one at the same time. For fans and non-fans of Kpop alike, this means you'll never be behind on your Kpop culture! Oh, did I mention that there are constant free concerts? 4. There is WiFi...EVERYWHERE! Have you noticed there are a lot of things...EVERYWHERE? Well, there are! And WiFi is one of those things. Whether you're riding the subway underground, eating dinner in a restaurant, or at the top of the skyscraper, you can be sure there's WiFi. Seoul has city-wide wireless internet that all of its citizens can connect to! Nifty, eh? Not to mention, Korea's capital has the fastest internet in the world. 5. The subway system can't be beat! If there's one thing that I absolutely love about Seoul, it's the subway system. The trains glide along the tracks almost silently and without any bumps whatsoever. Not to mention, they have screens inside telling you which stop you're at, the next stop, and which side the stop is on. The stations even have screens that show you exactly where the next train currently is. Oh, and the subways all translate announcements to English, so foreigners can try it comfortably. (Also, take note of the spotlessness.) 6. You can visit the sets of all of your favorite dramas! Many places that have been used as sets for dramas or visited by actors have signs or signatures showing this fact! So if you ever want to see the places that your favorite actors have been to, just look for signs with their names. Furthermore, many actors and Kpop stars have family restaurants where you can eat. You might even spot a glimpse of the actor/idol! 7. Random events like this just pop up on the streets! Well, this one pretty much speaks for itself. In my time here, I've seen an array of random events on the streets! From flashmobs to taekwando performances to idol's filming to shirtless guys handing out fans, it's all viewable on the streets of Seoul. There are plenty more reasons why Seoul is so amazing that I simply couldn't fit into this list. I hope this has got you thinking of going to Korea!
But the coffee shops are all extremely expensive !
@divalycious i wanna ask u since u live in dubaai can u plz post pics of dubaai hun its always been my dream 2 visit dubaai :-)plzzzz
@divalycious its on my bucket list 2 :-)♥
@divalycious oh i tight u wrote the article sorry thigh thnx 4 sharing it hun <3 :)
@saharjalpari9 ... i haven't as yet ... it's on my bucket list ... :)
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