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From the site: "This lovely Canterbury residence is designed by Canny, seems almost suspended in light and air. The inside and the outside world become intertwined, as you move seamlessly from one to the other. The pool is the central feature, with its hardwood casual dining and relaxing plinth, reached by a two step white bridge and suspended over the water. Huge glass doors and windows let in all the light and air, yet the interior is cool and calm. The surrounding grounds have been kept clean and simple, reflecting the elegant, slightly austere interior. Tropical hardwood in all its many colors and varieties, along with glass and marble, are the keynote materials. The lines of the house are crisp, uncluttered, and uncompromisingly modern. Storage is ample and integrated into the architecture of the house. The kitchen is white, chic, flooded with light, and functional. This sophisticated Canterbury residence is built for entertaining, relaxing and pleasure."